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    WIM filter?

    vLite tells me that I have to install something called a WIM filter, which by its own description is to mount an image. First of all, I already have Daemon Tools. Secondly, are you kidding me? I will not install a 1 GIGABYTE download just for this purpose (according to where it sends me, which is here). Is there some way around this?
  2. thany

    WIM filter not needed

    Ah so it's not for mounting DVD or CD images. I see. Then it's the message that's confusing, since very few people know what the WIM filter really does. I know it now, that's good I guess, but many other might not. So the message needs to absolutely clearly describe what WIM is for. So here's the solution: get your hands on vLite 1.1.6, install it, then instal 1.2, and it works. Question for Microsoft: why be so strict about this?
  3. vLite says I need to install the WIM filter. It's been dicussed over and over, wether or not to package this filter with vLite's installer. Appearantly it isn't, so it says I should download it. But WHY still? I don't need to mount any images, and even if I do, I use Daemon Tools for that. How can I use vLite without that image mounter? Pressing cancel also exits vLite entirely!
  4. I seriously doubt that MSIE7 will truly be worth of a 7.0 version number. I suspect it will probably have partial or buggy support for modern stuff like PNG or CSS2/3 but still render most correct things the wrong way. I, as a webdevver, am always hassling to get a site working in IE while Firefox and Opera display most things as expected. Of course, IE displays most existing websites better, that's because of IE's rediculous market share. Webdevvers have to make everything compatible with at least IE, and that's what increases usage of IE on its turn. It's a circle that can only be broken by some serious competition: Firefox. Unfortunately, Firefox doesn't use the same marketing strategies as Microsoft does, and with Microsoft it's always best to fight fire with fire. IOW, bring down IE with all the force we have. Like, bribe the 4 largest OEMs to include Firefox in their PC's as the primary browser. Example: here ya go: www.randysimons.com It's a Dutch website of which the high-end version renders horribly in IE but renders beautifully in Firefox and Opera. And guess what! it's completely valid XHTML and CSS2. Bottom line: I'll be using Opera (mainly) and Firefox. I *really* don't see what makes IE better (ActiveX anyone? Even MS doesn't like it).
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