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  1. Actually the 4096 limit only applies to OemPnPDriversPath in WINNT.SIF, not to the registry entry created by SetDevicePath.exe. Instead of having a 4KB limit (WINNT.SIF), it has a 32KB limit. Also, SetDevicePath.exe prepends it's registry entry with %systemroot%\inf. So you're completely covered after it's use. So guess I've used all the driverpacks from Beshrat.Will all my drivers be recognized and added to the registry? And as for my second question, is it better to reset the driverpack directory to windows/inf or not? Thanks
  2. Does setdevicepath.exe in your presetup.cmd have a character limit such as 4096 bytes or else? As I understand, setdevicepath.exe changes path to the uncompressed driver directory and searches the path recursively.And as I guess, setdevicepath.exe method is faster in terms of installation time. And one more question, as I read in the forum, microsoft suggests to reset the devicepath to windows\inf by default.How does your mathod manage this issue? Which one is better in your opinion ? to reset or not to reset the path? Thanks...
  3. So the topic has gone far away from my scope:)) no prob.. Is there any new way of integrating those infs faster than setupcopyoeminf method????
  4. I mean, will my sequence work in your opinion?
  5. @RogueSpear Thanks for the info and forwarding me to to your page.I believe your script is useful and I will try to use it in the future but my point was to pre-copy especially the pnf files, which I suppose includes the path information to the drivers.Let me explain more precisely; For example, suppose I have my drivers in c:\windows\d folder, precopied by windows setup.At the end of setup I do not want to use setupcopyoeminf.exe because it takes so much time.And for this reason I setup windows to a virtual machine and setupcopyoeminf.exe does its job for me for once.And after that I figure out the oem<sequence number>.inf and oem<sequencenumber>.pnf files and prepare a silent sfx so that instead of setupcopyoeminf.exe, it extracts all the pnf and inf files to windows\inf dir. My point is exactly as above.
  6. Hi all, I'll ask directly.Is it possible to pre-copy the inf files which are in driverpacks (7zipped or else doesnt matter) to windows/inf folder and again pre-add those inf entries into the registry just before setup ends by a prepared silent winrar sfx ? The reason why I am asking this is that, everytime ı install windows to a system, it takes so much time to integrate the infs to the installation and setupcopyoeminf.exe integrates every inf file one by one very very slowly. I mean it would be great if we can prepare a winrar silent sfx so to install these infs quickly and silently and add the registry entries as needed.By the way, I know that everytime I change my driverpack content, I must re-prepare this winrar sfx again but I only want to know is it enough only to put the oem infs and reg entries and add the sfx comment? Or should I first make a virtual pc clean installation and then after setup, gather all infs, Or should I just gather the infs from the driverpacks directly? Plase I wanna decrease the time of my setup and want also all the drivers recognized and integrated after windows windows setup. Thanks in advance..
  7. Thank u very much in advance.Your tool will be very usefull in my opinion, especially for unknown devices in presetup systems.Looking forward to your newer version..
  8. This time it works but it does not remove the unknown devices.My language is Turkish by the way which are "bilinmeyen aygıt" in device manager.Is there a way you can fix this program because I want to use your prog with driverpacks from beshrat , on systems with unknown drivers.This is an hope giving utility... Thanks in advance..
  9. I just saw searched and saw why it was really hard; Let me explain ; 1rst of all when you put files in a cab files , the drawback is that every drivers' and infs name must be uniqe.I mean in driverpacks sound, for instance, there are lots of soundmax sound driver types and most of them uses files same in name but different in content.So when we look at the architecture of driver cab, I think there are no duplicate filenames. But in hfslip method, there is also a workaround such as renaming the same infs and related driver files to that inf.So by this way no duplicate files and another driver.cab file we have such as mydrv.cab.I will try to use this method because it does not extract any driver files, all the files are packed during and after setup.And when windows searches for a file, ı think it just looks at the driver or mydrv.cab file.So it is very useful in my opinion..
  10. Does hfslip have an option of integrating drivers? If so please tell me how The main thing is to prepare a cd, in balance with both speed and flexibility.In my opinion BTS driverpack integration is a little bit making things harder in terms of control panel installations and etc.I dont want to oppose anyone but ı prefer an installation method of direct cab archiving. One more thing ; In Nlite there is an option of repack driver cab files.With this I gain about 20 mbs from driver cab and 18 mb from sp1 cab.Totally 38 mb on the cd.So I beleive if driver can be stripped down to 63mb from 74 mb, then it can be increased also with the convenient drivers that we want.I think Nlite and hfslip does this by removing older files and they create a new driver database file (ddf) and so that windows knows which driver is where.I think it can be done by creating a new ddf file, with a repacked driver.cab file. And finally the aim of this topic is NOT TO EXTRACT drivers to root directory or whatever while or after setup. Thanks again.
  11. Hi everyone, I'll ask in short.I tried methods 2-3 in driver integration with BTS-Driverpacks.In my opinion the worst drawback in these methods are that all the drivers are extracted to somewhere in the disk, before or after GUI of setup. When we look at the driver architecture of windows native drivers (I mean Driver.cab and SP1.cab and SP2.cab) all the drivers are cabbed in a big file and when a device needs a driver, it just extracts the files according to the driver database and inf files under inf folder of windows. Now the question is ; Isn't it possible to make windows know that the drivers are in 7z archives and extract them just when neccessory? I mean I DO NOT WANT them to be extracted to harddrive ALL.Just like the mechanism in Driver.cab of windows. Thanks..
  12. Ok tommy, I was just about to prepare my new cd which waited for so long.Thanks in advance..
  13. Any comments on my topic please!!
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