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  1. MSN 6.2

    I just heard there is gona be a msn 6.2 does any one know much about it and if its posable to get it early on a beta release or sumthing..
  2. MSN6 working Proxies

    Trust me it works... but u might get the problem i have and thats the college firewall which i am having promblems bypassing but if u find a way can you let me know how also...
  3. MSN6 working Proxies

    The way i brought msn 6 in to college was to copy the msn folder from your program files and place it on a cd and well u can guess the rest.. But i still have the problem of finding a working proxy...
  4. MSN6 working Proxies

    That site didnt work... It still dosent let me sign in.. Im gona need a list of uk free proxys that run on port 8080..
  5. MSN6 working Proxies

    Hi ive got msn 6 running now in college but now i need woking proxies for msn as the college have blocked the standard msn port... Could some one send me the proxies or even tell me a working way of making msn bypass the firewall...
  6. MSN 6 Needed

    Can some one tell me where i can download msn 6 that dosent need a setup file to work... I need this as i can not install files in work and msn 6 is too big to fit on to floppy to take in to work.
  7. AMD Athlon XP1700+

    Can any one tell me the normall temp of the AMD athlon XP1700+. And im running the NFS-7 motherboard and can some body explain how to over clock them with out the PC not starting back up, i think theres a problem getting the steping right. Thanx.
  8. How to sign in to MSN msg..

    VCANT: How do you find a free proxy server tho?
  9. In college the normall MSN port is blocked does any body know how to by pass this and gain access through a http proxy or some other way.