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  1. Sorry for not being more specific before..... These computers are spread across 4 bulidings. the main one has such a remote install service that is just not ever used. I don't know if the owner would be interested in getting the 4 buildings networked together to keep the security that way... but i will suggest it. thanks for the help, and if you can think of anything else, please don't hesitate
  2. I tried searching around for help on this to no avail. I was wondering if it is possible to somehow limit the Windows Install to certain machines.. I will explain more detailed. I am doing some network admin work for a medium sized business in my area. They have ~100 or so computers. Before i got there they setup some corporate key licensing with Microsoft. So one key is used on all machines. I have already used this website to get them going nicely on unattended installs. All of the machines are the same model.. of Hewlett Packards. with same specs. I do notice that sometimes a hard drive is maxtor and others its WD, but with same 40GB size. What i have found the last few months is that people from the office are taking copies of the cd's and bringing them home.. passing them out etc. and has made a small problem already. So now knowing all the machines are pretty identical. is there anyway to have some sort of script looking for a specific motherboard model or something that they all have 100% in common to prevent future abuse of their current setup? Or is the best alternative somehow to have any install cd's locked up... PS that is how it is now, but everyone seems to have access.
  3. Hello everyone... I Own/Run a Computer Store in Upstate New York. Your website has already been A HUGE HELP. I know hope i can help someone else out.

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