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  1. Hi! sorry about the delay was busy the last few days, I just copied the new file over, and it sadly doesnt want to boot into Windows anymore. Its no problem ill just use the rev2 file, it works great. Thanks again for all your help! You are doing great things for the Retro Computing community!
  2. Here you are, it seems to start a little quicker after that, and the volume/ gain is lower. volume adjustments in waveset seem to be more linear now and not chopping on and off, but the max volume seems to be lower than before. HDAICINE.TXT HDALOGE.TXT
  3. I sure will. Just home from work so in a while I will give the new file a test. thanks again, I am still on cloud nine that the sound is even working! 🤩🤩 EDIT: I tried downloading the new hdaicout file but the link seems to be broken
  4. Yes both are working at the same time. The mute switch however works on the laptop so I can mute the speakers and the sound will still play from the headphones. i installed the Yamaha soft synth , and tested some games and it sounds excellent. the volume control works in the waveout program.
  5. Thank you!! IT WORKED! when I set it to pcipatch §7900 it sprang into life upon bootupwith headphoners and speakers. i also noted that after first reboot on $7900, it garbled mydisplay driver on bootup, but subsequent startups seem fine. I have attached the txt files. Thanks again im so happy its working! Hdaicina.txt Hdaicinb.txt HDAICINC.TXT HDAICIND.TXT
  6. Thanks for the new steps. I tried the folowing: -Changed widget settings to §10 and restarted without HDAICOUT.HDA - no sound -Changed widget settings to $10 and restarted with HDAICOUT.HDA - no sound - Changed widget settings to $11 (i guessed to try it as you mentioned the widgets are $10 or $11) and restarted with/withoout HDAICOUT - no sound, but this time machine locks up on bootup unless TSR is unloaded (my windows installation is set to limit RAM to 980 MB) I also tried all of the above with pcipatch value and without. Looks like the Conexant variant is one stubborn codec :$
  7. I tried it once again with the new HDAICOUT file, and I added the value to the pcpatchB in the HDACFG.ini file. Unfortunatly it still is silent I have attached the same files again, in case it gives new information this time. HDAICIN.TXT HDAcfg.ini HDALOG.TXT
  8. Thanks for the reply!, I’ll be home shortly and I’ll have a go and see if it works. Thanks again!
  9. Hi @deomsh! Thanks for offer to help! i appreciate it Here are the attached files you asked for, should you need anything else, let me know Thanks again! HDAcfg.ini HDAICIN.TXT HDALOG.TXT
  10. Hello!, i recently discovered this helpful site to introduce me to the world of modern device drivers written for old opperating systems! I hope to find many more interesting topics here along the way -Aaron
  11. Hello! I have recently tried downloaing and installing WaltersWorld drivers for the HDA controllers, but alas I am greeted with the sound of silence. Sadly Im not hearing any pops when it is loading but when I play a system audio file in sounds the play button doesnt freeze. I would love if someone could point me in the right direction! Thank you
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