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  1. Hello I have a similar problem. Hello, Being in possession of a EliteBook 8530w and Pro running Vista X64, I decided to install Windows 7 in x64 version. Despite some small configuration problem, I restore my voullu Vista Pro x64 using the recovery partition (F11). Unfortunately I can no longer possible to use the recovery partition, Windows 7 is probably a boot sector. I've got Vista x64 Pro en version DVD but unfortunately it is an English version / Finnish / ect ... except french. As against partition on my recovery I have the French version, but how to use my recovery? I know that Dell there is a small app that allowed you put the amoracage the recovery partition, but at HP I can not find anywhere. I'm pretty enmbété because apparently I can not rajoutter files Language Pro on Vista x64. If someone has a solution for my problem would be really nice. Error on F11 : 0xc000000f Thanks for all help me. Ps: I suppose that the partition starts on a recevory WinPE, but what is the file that runs everything in the picture if dessu? Personal car if I can do this manually is not a problem, but I do not know what aps file is run ... Ps: sorry my bad english.

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