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  1. Now we have some slight contradictions. suryad said: "It has nothing to do with graphics acceleration" chilifrei64 said: "SP2 offers more than 75 enhancements\fixes for video\multimedia" hmmm... For the record... yes it was an nlited install yes the drivers are up to date the hardware is brand new i know how to set up a bios and this first time i set it sparringly problems arose pre-tweaks Now to set things straight cause you're right chili, this is getting crazy. I'm purely raising discussion about possibilities since there is obviously a split view of what SP2 could effect in terms of performance. Yes, maybe I'm the victim of poorly written drivers. Yes, maybe we're all victims of poorly written service packs. I'm not MCSE enough to make that call.
  2. Microsoft, as we all know, has security problems upon initial releases and those holes are priority with the boys in Silicon Valley. However, I doubt that fixes to accomodate multimedia flow isn't glanced upon once and a while and are surely subject to be included in the all famed SP2. If this isn't the case, and multimedia is shunned to make way for all the misses our prodical children at M$ have produced, then maybe they should take a look at it?! Also, if multimedia wasn't prioritized in the making of the service pack, maybe it was forced to take a back seat after installing the dxmned thing? Who knows what those sick mind come up with when we're not watching?
  3. Exactly my point. I was thinking that maybe the priority of the services effected by SP2 surpassed services I use. Meaning that maybe SP2 was looping some instance which overprioritized "silly" things like grafics acceleration. I was just hoping that there was an easier way to troubleshoot and cross referance an installation without the god forsaken SP2. Guess I'll have to take the long way round huh?!
  4. This is the thing... as soon as i installed xp (with the slipped SP2) i installed the drivers from the manufacturer CD for the chipset (which turns out was a nVidia nForce K8N, MSI Neo4, sorry bout that) and sequencialy grafics, audio, network as i used to work as a technician at a large PC building company and that was the policy order recomended by the manufacturers. The problems started immediatley after which is why i downloaded the latest drivers and tried them out unsuccessfully. After a bunch of benchmark tests and tweaking it remained rather sirupy. Maybe it's just my scepticism torwards M$'s service packs in general but my suspisions turned torwards SP2 and it's increased network security issues that i thought might be clogging up the system. Hence, the topic Anyway, i'll try again with a fresh install and the latest drivers and see where it takes me. Thanks emencely for the support and the speedy responses guys! Your faith in service packs is an inspiration
  5. That was the one driver I didn't try. MSI had a WHQL driver and I assumed that the newest chipset was included. However, I tried the VIA driver and it said that it couldn't even find a compatable chipset!!! Once again I back to wondering if it is an XP problem (service pack or not). PS. I'm sorry this turned into a hardware disscusion
  6. I just bought new gear and it seams the drivers aren't responding like they should. I've tried the latest drivers from the manufacturers homepages and I've tried the original CDs. I have no proccesses running out of the ordinary and CPU and RAM performance is A OK. I've done reg checks and full virus checks. Still i'm having grafic problems, mouse lagging, P2P downtime and loads of other problems. Not being the drivers I assumed that maybe it's SP2 trouble. My hardware: MSI Neo Fisr AMD 64 3700+ 512MB Corsair DDRRAM ATI X600 w/128MB SB Audigy 4 Seagate IDE disks NEC 3500 Nothing here is unknown hardware and prestanda should be a hell of a lot better than what I'm expiriencing. Especially games are lagging though i'm running with very low resolution and all effects turned off.
  7. Ok, but in theory, wouldn't it be possible just to overwrite the files effected by the service pack with the originals and reboot? And if there are system proccesses involved than wouldn't it be possible to crack open the service pack installation package and replace the new files with original ones? Making it an all-round service pack uninstall?
  8. Well, I suspect that service pack 2 has some issues with some hardware of mine so I'd like to rollback without having to reinstall everything
  9. Ok, thanx for your help guys. Maybe this could be a project for some programmer somewhere? Couldn't all the files that the service pack overwrites, be overwritten with the originals?
  10. Is it possible at all to remove a sliptreamed Service Pack 2? Title Edited - Please follow new posting rules from now on. --Zxian