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  1. Dietmar : No because i need Windows XP in french , and install "clean" , and language pack from microsoft not translate 100% reboot12 : it's that I have already used and tried before you even answered me, and having selected the one from my hardware ID of my sata controller, so it does not solve my problem...
  2. hi thank you reply me, you talking about driver from nvidia site ? you tested old gpu only driver for W10 ?
  3. Hello, now for W11 last driver from official site nvidia is GTX 7 and news , but i have GTX 580 but not driver available for W11, only W10 , my question have driver modern unofficial for old gpu nvidia for W11 ? Windows Update find driver but is more old than last driver for w10 from official site nvidia
  4. Hello i try installed Windows XP in hardware from 2017 is Asus H110M-K , i find driver unofficial sata using with nlite but get BSOD for ACPI, try replace acpi and now is error sata using same driver How make working install Win XP ? what file need copy in cd xp ?

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