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  1. I don’t understand how and what programs.
  2. Greetings again, I changed the file from the 7601 version of the Seven before it was from 7600, the error 0xc00000142 disappeared, now it just crashes.
  3. And again Hello, what can I say errors fixed now I can say the following error 0xc00000142
  4. I looked there is no function there through this program PS. Everything has already been fixed now explorerframe error
  5. Ничего страшного, все потихоньку зато для фана
  6. Hello again guys, I found out the problem so let's say 885 it is only what the problem itself is, it is designated differently, that is, instead of 885 it costs 687, there will be screenshots from below, if anyone can help with this problem I will be glad,where it says shell327 took it from Windows 7.
  7. Hello, I'm using the extended Vista kernel, I just patched user32, it remains only to understand what the error is and what needs to be done about it.
  8. Hi guys, I'm making a port of the seven explorer on whist, but an error appeared, the serial number 885 was not found in the shell32 dll library, so who fumbles please answer.

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