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  1. I personally dont use Startdock Curtains , just because everytime i use Stardock curtains , it just completely messes up my system at time resulting in explorer hanging and crashing , context menus taking WAY too long and black screens on startup regularly. Its not only me who experienced this issue , i have tried it on multiple computers and laptop and it also had the same errors as i did. So yea i just find aero glass extremely usefull with the Windows 10 Fall creators update and even though windows 11 is getting mica title bars (google it im too lazy to explain.). Aero Glass was one of the software that i used too much back in the time.
  2. I Honestly dont think its a waste. Yes you might be p***ed because something you spent money for had been discountinued or just gone. But yet the project is still amazing. And if you want to continue using it , Then i would recommend Windows 10 Fall Creators Update! Aero glass seems to have a bug where it doesnt display the annoying watermark in the bottom right corner in the fall creators update. But the only downside is that you'll get the annoying start up pop-us which say what your machine code is. Other than that , It runs perfectly fine with no glitches. so yea dont be p***ed that you wasted your money on this app.
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