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  1. Hopefully this will help a bit further... 1. Download the latest version of IE7 from here, running the plain exe is fine, with no extraction required. 2. Save into your svcpack folder, under i386 (presuming you have referenced this previously) 3. On your svcpack.inf (in the root of i386) add the exe path after all updates, but before qchain, I used: "iesetup7.exe /quiet /nobackup /update-no /norestart" which runs fine, I then use group policy to prevent the first run wizard, but I'm not sure if you can bypass it otherwise. Have fun!
  2. Hi folks, I found this thread when I couldn't get IE7 into my XP SP3 RIS image. I usually use the svcpack.inf method and throw iesetup.exe at the end of my updates before qchain.exe However SP3 was having none-of it. A manual install also failed, so I check WGA etc incase that was an issue, but it was all fine. So I downloaded IE7 again, instead of using the one for my SP2 build. Both show the file version as 6.2.0029.0, BUT the newer one is smaller in size, 15,142kb for the 'old' ie7 and 15,091kb for the 'new' IE7. So it looks as though there has been a change made, and the file revision has not been updated. I put the new file into my svcpack and it installs fine! I hope this helps someone save a bit of time!
  3. I have this working using MaDxCrEaM's method. Is there any way of supressing the "Adobe Registration - Registration Choice" popup when the software is run. I dont want my users to be able to do this, Thanks EDIT: Macromedia say there is no way of getting around this.

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