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  1. Saddly i cant do it because some stuff in it is really large and i dont want to buy a ssd but i dont know if i formulated the proble of crcdisk.sys right i ment that it says loaded
  2. Im using a french iso from lecrabeinfo and the iso is windows vista x64 sp2 but i dont know if it's the original. And do you know why windows vista can boot in debugging mode ?
  3. Update : It just finished creating the usb but boosect didnt executed im gonna try anyways Again Update : It couldn't boot ;(
  4. ok so i found the program and im creating the us i will update you about what is happening :) (When you replied i was on the page lol :) )
  5. I dont think the installation media is corrupt because i created it with rufus but ill try the windows 7 tool just could you please sende me the link to download it ?
  6. Yes it does have windows 11. But i also tried it on my laptop one time and the same happened but it was with windows 10 and the optiplex was originally with windows 7 weird no ? And when it boots on safe mode it stops at crcdisk.sys or something like that and it bluescreens the stop code i mentionned originally.
  7. Hello ! I was wondering of dualbooting windows Vista with windows 11 on my PC but vista always crash after the setup (from usb) reboot to the hdd. Im getting this stop 0x0000001E and i don't know what to do (Only debugging works and i don't want to boot in debugging anymore) and i have the graphics drivers and the ethernet drivers :) i hope you can help me ! (Just sorry for bad english because im french)

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