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  1. Hello everyone! I am new-ish to winpe 10 and i don't understand a lot but i have tried a huge lot of things before finally giving up and coming to this website and writing this very message. I have been trying to complete a project of command line winpe 10 with wifi and custom commands for over a year now and i just cannot for the love of god able to connect winpe 10 to wifi. I totally give up now i have followed about 30 tutorials on how to connect winpe 10 to wifi which all of them failed. This is a last ditch effort for me can someone please give me a vanilla winpe 10 with just wireless and Ethernet drivers already in it? whoever you are will help me a lot and god may bless your soul. trust me when i say i have searched and searched for over a year now and cannot find a premade vanilla winpe with just wireless drivers always this other junk included with it. it may feel like I'm just here to get the easy way out and being lazy but honestly I'm exhausted. Thanks alot and hope you have a blessed day
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