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  1. Okay. Will this work with the free version of FlashBootPro, or do I need the paid version.
  2. Hi, update. Sorry it's so late depending on your timezone. So I'm kinda stuck on what to do for step 7 in regedit. I don't exactly know what to change. I'm a bit confused. Do you have a screenshot of a detailed list of what I need to change? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hello, MSFN! So, a few days ago I got the idea to put Vista on my Dell Inspiron 3880. Due to Vista releasing way before UEFI started being used, Vista simply does not boot on a Class 3 system. I have tried UEFISeven... but ummm... yeah it doesn't work. Just a black screen. So, I was wondering if anyone here had any suggestions to get Vista on my computer. Yes, I know my PC is new, and that Vista is old, but in fact I'm typing this on Windows 7 on said system. If you know a way to get Vista on Class 3, please let me know. I have tried the following: -UEFISeven -Windows Vista on its own bootloader ...yeah that's it. While I'm posting about Vista, I might as well talk about potential needed drivers if anyone has been able to mod them. Most notably, the Intel Wireless AC-3165 and the Intel UHD Graphics 630*... which both are usable on Windows 7 So if anyone could help me, that'd be awesome, however I'm keeping low expectations for now. Thanks everyone in advance!
  4. Hello MSFN forum! In the past, I have gotten Windows 7 to install and BOOT on my Dell 3880 tower... albeit being unusable due to a lack of USB drivers. So I thought people here could help me. I have working network AND graphics drivers, but USB is my only roadblock. I've tried many modded USB drivers, but none of them seem to work. I have the device's info down below (might not be what I need, but it's the only Intel thing in device manager haha) Device Name: Intel(R) USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller - 1.0 (Microsoft) Hardware ID: PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_A3AF&SUBSYS_09B61028&REV_00 If this is not what I need PLEASE LET ME KNOW! Many thanks, elp403
  5. elp403 | he/him | i like vista i guess trying to get vista to run on a 5th gen intel!
  6. Hello MSFN forum! I'm glad to be here. So I have this Dell Inspiron 13-7352 with 8GB of RAM, an Intel Core i5-5200U, and Intel HD 5500 graphics. I haven't used this as a main in forever, and I want to do some more demanding things on Windows Vista (currently, my only laptop with Vista installed is a Dell Inspiron 1545). I have been able to install it before - albeit, no drivers. So I was wondering if anyone could possibly make or find drivers for this laptop - for Vista. These are the drivers I would need: Intel Wireless-AC 7265 Intel HD Graphics 5500 Sadly, I'm not sure of the chipset it uses. If anyone could find that out for me that'd be great. If drivers are impossible for Vista, I completely understand. Thank you!

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