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  1. Hi windows2, And how Can I uninstall this update ? The procedure is simillar like in any other programs ? (Control Panel > Add or remove programs ) ?
  2. @Ximonite @blackwingcat Do you guys have any idea that might help ? Thanks in advance !
  3. Yes, firstly I have installed the Windows2000-KB979683-v16a-x86-ENU and after that i have installed the Windows2000-KB979683-v16e-x86-ENU.exe modified by ximonite. When it comes to the signal which was out of range the cable from the monitor got loose, after reconnecting the cable i've got the image, but still VGA graphic and code 10 on my GPU
  4. I have updated for after updating the drivers i've got our of range signal on my monitor
  5. I will take a look on these after I will configure win 2k properly Thanks ! Do you maybe have any ideas what can I do ? Maybe the GT730 has never been properly configured in these drivers ? I ran out of ideas at this point
  6. Not really, I have bought it new a looong time ago from a respectable stationary shop, I also have tried to use these drivers with my second GT730 from Asus. Same results. I know that I also had a problem with the official drivers with these cards on Windows XP . Only one version worked stable (it was 340 smth) and the rest loaded up but resulted in a blue screen. Right now I've installed a 353.06 Driver, still i've got code 10
  7. Hi again, Unfortunately, the driver version 335 does not support the GT 730 :/ , on paper nVidia driver 347.09 modified by the blackwingcat is the oldest driver that should support nVidia GT730. I've tried to reinstall everything once again, but still I get code 10 error on GT730 :/ What else can i do ? Thank you in advance
  8. Hi again, Thank you for the solution, I will try to do it asap and I will post the results. However, it is weird, because 355 and 359 drivers are newer than 335 and in theory newer driver should support the GPU. Thank you !
  9. Hi Windows2 ! I've completely forgot about extended core When I've installed it the results were different. 1) The GT730 got different results, instead of Error 31 I've got error 10. I had tried it with all the drivers (Screen below). (359 Beta got me Code 31 on both of the cards) I've stuck with 355 Beta Driver. 2) GT 520 is detected properly on 355 Beta driver. (Screen below) I will try to use to system with my second GT730 from Asus which has only 1GB ram, (My first GT730 is a version from Zotac with 2GB of ram) - Followup: Unfortunately, the same error - code 10
  10. I've Windows XP on this computer on the second HDD and I can run both GT730 and GT520 without any problems. This card is from Zotac "GeForce® GT 730 2GB Zone Edition ZT-71113-20L". I've tried to use an blackwingcat nVidia drivers but both cards refused to work
  11. Any of you maybe have successfully ran Windows 2000 with any newer nVidia card ? //EDIT// I have tried to install the GT 520 with the two versions of the drivers 355 and 359 but it failed too I attach the photo of the error code.
  12. Hi all, This is my first post on this forum, first of all big thank you for all for these tutorials, it helped me a lot when I was installing Windows 2000 on Dell Optiplex 380 C2Q. However I have come across the obstacle that I can't figure out. I have been trying to install the blackwingcat nVidia drivers (Version 355 from Webarchive) and after that 358. Always I receive the same result: (Code 31) This device is not working properly because Windows cannot load the drivers required for this device. Do you have any idea how Can i resolve this issue and use my GT730 on this PC ? Thanks in advance.

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