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  1. Update, in case others have the same "problem". It is an error to delete that entries. The entries MUST be kept alive. Both entries. In reality is Autoruns that makes some mess showing that d.exe, in fact the string "d.exe" refers to an entire line of command where ".....d.exe" is the final part. Deleting those entries prevent the system to perform the automatic "System Restore" and Autochk each day.
  2. In the Autoruns 14.06 log (see attached image) I see an entry relative to an "Autochk Proxy" and "System Restore" that point to a "not found" d.exe This is why I am asking Do I have to be worried since they point to a strange d.exe (that doesn't exist)? Do I have to get rid of them via Autoruns or doing so I alter the normal behaviour of my Windows 7 x64 Home Edition since they are normal Scheduled tasks?

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