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  1. Oh yea, it definitely is skinpacks.com themself, the uploader of the program didn't respond to my inquiries on the matter. https://skinpacks.com/windows-skinpack-collections/
  2. No info on this? I take it that what I purchased from Skinpack was not authorized by those here, & the unregistered version of StartisBack included in their package they're selling is basically pirated.
  3. Hello there: can a Mod help out here? last mnth I purchased a skin pack from skinpack.com for W10 which includes the program StartisBack, the version is 2.9, the entire program ran for 1 mnth flawlessly & yesterday Startisback now displays a watermark & I get a notice that the program needs to be registered. Anyone shed some light on this? Do you work hand-in-hand with any outside designer/programmer that builds a package which includes your program? thx very much

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