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  1. Would it be possible to add a toggle for using this new Windows 11 acrylic blur in the titlebars of windows instead of the standard solid accent color? I'm talking about the design used for the taskbar, start menu, and the titlebars for file explorer and calculator. I'm wondering if it's possible considering you already use this design for the startallback menu and config window and it's built into W11 already. I think it would make the whole system look more consistent.

  2. Yeah it's not normal behavior. The full window should not be shown if the user is only using the media buttons. That was how it behaved on Windows 7,8, and 10. I actually tested out startisback on Windows 8.1 and this issue was not there. So it's probably something specific to startisback for Windows 10+

  3. On 5/19/2021 at 3:12 PM, raiden89 said:




    To answer all of these, it comes down to the theme you use in Curtains. I am using the "New Acrylic" theme from wincustomize. It is very basic, nothing fancy, no fancy buttons, etc so stock Window Caption buttons. It also has its own level of "blur" to be as close to Acrylic as it can. I also went and added the reflections image that was shared in this thread on top of that to have the reflective look to it.

    Really, any theme can have blurred title bars if you know how to go into photoshop and manually create a gaussian blur to your liking. Here's an example of what my titlebar looks like. It's not entirely blurred but also not completely transparent either to where it's a distraction to have multiple windows open showing everything straight through.

    If you're having trouble making the gaussian blur in photoshop then it might be how you're making it or something. I havent had any issues, just came down to getting the kinda blur I wanted.


    Would you be willing to share that style? I'm using a custom version of New Acrylic as well but that one looks better :D

  4. Whenever I hover my mouse over the media control buttons in the taskbar preview for a video or music player it shows the preview for the whole window on my desktop. The normal behavior is for it not to show the full window preview if you only put your mouse on the media buttons. Does this happen for anyone else? I'm using Startisback 2.9.15 Windows 10 21H2.

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