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  1. My mistake. I thought the program had autoupdated, but it was 2.9.12. My assumption was based on some forum posts I read about 2.9.12, which made me think it was the current version. I just updated to 2.9.15 and it works now. I'm assuming a windows update broke the program and StartIsBack+ fixed it in the next update.
  2. I'm not the only one: https://muut.com/startisback#!/general:right-click-on-task-bar-pro I did not change anything around the time this started. The problem is within StartIsBack+. I don't know if the registered and unregistered version has any differences. I'm using the registered version. When you press right click on a program you're running, what happens? Is it not broken for you?
  3. Hello everyone, I'm writing because StartIsBack+ has begun to exhibit unwanted behaviour. About 1-2 months ago my computer stopped reacting to right clicking on programs on the taskbar. At first I thought Windows was to blame, but it recently annoyed me enough to look into it. When I disable StartIsBack+ I can right click programs again. When I hold shift and right click it works, but with slightly different options. Is this a bug or intended? It is very annoying. When wanting to close a program or open another window of your browser for an instance.

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