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  1. Using nLite - to custom build XP-64-bit in a VM with SP2, AHCI drivers, and unattended setup. The only setting that actually applied was to integrate SP2 as it failed to apply everything else. I have tried twice and it failed both times. Does this version of nLite fully support XP-64bit? 1.) It failed to apply the serial key as it prompted me for it. 2.) Automatic updates and firewall enabled when I set it to disable. 3.) Failed to apply the computer name and workgroup name as it applied the XP defaults. 4.) Failed to apply the "Windows Classic" theme and style as it applied the XP default. I have not had a chance to test whether the AHCI drivers actually worked on a physical machine since it has failed to apply everything else. In the General category and under Unattended Mode, I have it set to "Prompt repair" for when I need to do a "repair (R)" install which I have not tested yet since everything else for the "Unattended" mode has failed. I hope that for the unattended mode to actually work and apply the settings, I do not have to choose the "Fully automated" method. Unless this OS is not fully supported then I must be missing something. Edit Update: Ok, so it is best to test with real hardware because the settings do not apply in a VM. Using a physical machine, some settings did apply and others did not, however, it did apply the AHCI drivers which was the most critical objective.

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