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  1. You need also the runtime licenses for the VB controls. Export them on a system with Visual Studio 6 and add it to WinPE. they are stored in HKLM\Software\Classes\Licenses (or also available in a reg file on the CD media you got with Visual Studio.)
  2. Had the same problem, but I had an other solution to solve it. In my WinPE 2004 version I copied also the file NTVDM.EXE (virtual DOS machine). This file I had to remove and the bluescreen was away. It's silly because the ntvdm.exe is not listed in the KNOWN Dll key.
  3. If you like to have a graphical interface, you can use the diskmanagement snapin. It works well.
  4. Hi all, I have problems using WMI on WinPE 2004. I have added WMI support with the /WMI switch. - In WinPE, If I try the wbemtest.exe and try to connect to the root/default namespace I'm getting an error: "Number: 0x80080005 Facility: Windows Description: Server execution failed" - The same is if I try to start the winmgmt service with "net start winmgmt". I'm getting "the service could not be started" - The VBS example from the WinPE help file is also not listen any objects etc. Question: - did anybody have similar problems? - Is anybody using WMI without problems, if yes, did he something special? - Any idea? thanks GuS
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