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  1. https://www.hizliresim.com/9a1knn6 https://s7.dosya.tc/server25/0bk9k1/Chipset_Inte_kabylake_Win10_64_VER101140.rar.html
  2. how can i make intel setupchipset bat file for windows iso like in the picture
  3. How can I integrate the intel setup chipset into windows 10 iso, the programs on google do not work
  4. Merhalabar masters, first of all, happy ramadan, I am trying to prepare iso by myself, but I am stuck in the update and driver integration part. I am trying to integrate the updates manually, but the image I tried does not accept it, thanks in advance if there is a detailed guide or a master who can explain. Note: the iso with usb 3.0 driver integrated in the forum, but I want to go a little further and integrate Nvidia or Amd driver. 2.Note: Sorry if I opened the topic in the wrong place, dear admin, I will ask your friends to move it to the necessary place. How can I integrate silent update into this code, it should work, I want to add it in the program, it doesn't work for me @echo off Start /wait %WINDIR%\setup\1.exe Start /wait %WINDIR%\setup\2.exe Start /wait %WINDIR%\setup\3.exe ECHO. ECHO Deleting Temp Installation Files... RD /S /Q %systemdrive%\Apps del /q /f "%0" EXITIf you take a video, it doesn't work for me, the brand is asustek p8h61-mx and acer aspire 5736z for laptop does not work codes windows 10 pro 21h2 x64 iso entegre
  5. hello aleyküm how can i add unattended program to iso chrome winrar zoom adobe com player vlc media player office 2010 after x64 format, i want to start setupcomlete.cmd automatically for silent setup in background

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