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  1. Wanted to let you know. I download another copy of 98SE 2 and reinstalled it. Now the Windows Update works and it is listed under Add/Remove programs. I must have gotten a bad download before. Thanks to all of you. It is really nice to know people care THANKS AGAIN
  2. Thanks for all the help. Maybe something didn't install right. The uninstall for Unofficial xxxxxxxxxx is not list in the Add/Remove or in any unstall program I have. I can get Windows Update site to work?, but if I reboot then it doesn't work again. I found this link that works, so I saved in my favorites. https__V4.Windowsupdate.microsoft.com.url
  3. I am back, Had to take the wife out. No I didn't change anything, just installed 98SE 2. Her is the message
  4. Hi, I installed SP2 yesterday tryiny to fix a problem with my comuter seing a Orange Micro USB2 card. Now when I go to Window Update I get a error message telling me that there is error in my computer time setting. The time and date are correct. Any ideas. Thanks in advance RJE
  5. Thank you, I went to the folder you suggested "Precopy" and SP1 is not in there. All that is there are Base4,base5, base6, and Catalog3. I also download the latest version from Orange.
  6. I installed a Orange Micro USB2 card. The install went OK. All usb items work. The install said to look in Device Manager to confirm install. It said I should see the Orange Micro Card USB2 and Enhanced NEC USB Open Host Controller. I have 98Se with all updates. I don't see these items. I also get the yellow question mark in "Other Devices - PCI Universal Serial Bus" It says drivers for this device are not installed (code 28). If I click reinstall drivers it find nothing Would installing 98SPv1.62 help? Don't know what to do next. Thanks so much in advance RJE
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