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  1. What Not To Remove For Some Programs

    can anyone help with this question of mine, i am curious as to this functionality of nlite.
  2. D-Link DI-724GU gigabit router

    crahak, All of my desktops have gigabit ethernet cards and i have cat6 cables. I was hoping to install a wireless pci card on one or two of my pcs so that i can place them anywhere in the house and still get access to the net and the NAS that i plan on installing. I did not want to run ethernet all over the house and in some areas its really not possible to hide the cables at all. What standalone switch do you recommend? i would prefer one that can do jumbo frames if possible. thanks for your help.
  3. D-Link DI-724GU gigabit router

    ANYONE? I guess that noone has heard about this router. It seems to be quite a loaded router, it has gigabit lan ports, a print server, a g-level wireless speed rating. Sounds pretty good.
  4. I am in the market for a gigabit wireless router with a print server. In my search , i came upon the D-Link DI-724GU. It seems to meet all my needs but their is no information on the actual performance of the product. Has anyone used this device or even seen it?
  5. What Not To Remove For Some Programs

    so using nlite it is possible to place an exception list of dlls and other files not to delete? even if we check off to remove a specific functionality?? how and where do we do this? so basically, i could incorporate all of bold fortune's exceptions into nlite and it would not delete them?
  6. Dual Layer Multi-Boot DVD

    so its made my M$? really? where can i get it?
  7. Dual Layer Multi-Boot DVD

    What is CDImage and what can it do? We have an image that we use to clone new workstations that has grown so large that it needs to be done only over the network since it wont fit on a standard dvd. Can this app help us? its sort of a complicted image though that involves two partitions to the receipient hard drive.
  8. [How-to] - Windows XP Gamer's Edition

    i would very much like to be included in this beta, i have tested numerous versions of Xp including the much publicized Tiny XP and its many variations. I would also like to be of assistance in this versions improvement.
  9. Dual monitor with laptop

    laptop screen is about 12in. the lcd monitors are both 19in each.
  10. Dual monitor with laptop

    do you think an external video card might help?
  11. Dual monitor with laptop

    You mean like this? http://www.pacificcable.com/Picture_Page.asp?DataNAme=A15MFF I am not sure about the card. Will the other image be identical or can i make it spanning?
  12. Dual monitor with laptop

    I have a dilema, I have two 19in lcd monitors that i have and I want to use them on my laptop. But the problem is that the laptop only has one vga output. Is this possible and how can i make it happen? The monitors have vga and dvi inputs. I really done want to use the small monitor screen any longer. Please, any help?
  13. Very cool program

    You can make silent installers with WinRAR Put these commandlines in your comment Path=%temp% Setup=setup.exe Silent=1 Overwrite=1 <{POST_SNAPBACK}> would be nice if i even knew what that meant! Most instructions on this site assume that you already know the instructions. Detail or step by step instructions or even explanations of the process would be nice. I have yet to make a unattended cd that works flawlessly.
  14. Very cool program

    Seems nice but i still cant figure out how to use the silent installs of the apps.
  15. Calendar

    The others are nice but give this one a try. Desktop Calendar XP its free and its upgradeable.