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  1. Adaptec Zcr Raid

    That's the way I read it also. However, it talks a lot about cat files which is implying signed drivers. Unfortunately, Adaptec didn't bother to get most of their current drivers certified. I wonder if that's part of the problem. Even with that set, it's still not copying the new driver. I do have "DriverSigningPolicy=Ignore" set in the winnt.sif. Do any other things need to be setup to tell the installer where the file is or does this just make him use the driver from the i386\dpti2o,sy_ file?? Do you know what magic F6 invokes? Installing from a regular sp2 cd and using F6 to load the drivers (same drivers I'm using) works perfectly. Would it be worthwhile to attempt to remove the original driver from drivers.cab and make the required file changes to support that?? I'm not sure I know what all would have to be done to make that work??
  2. Adaptec Zcr Raid

    I followed your instructions (I opened dosnet.inf and added dpti2o.sys to the [ForceCopyDriverCabFiles] stanza) and the installer is still copying the wrong file (from the dirvers.cab). After the install completes and the first boot fails, I use a rescue disk (with F6 to load the driver) and investigate the windows\system32\drivers folder and the wrong dpti2o.sys is there. In rescue mode, if I try to copy the drivers from the \drivers\003_2010s folder on the hard disk, the file cannot be accessed. I guess that's because it's outside the limited file structure that rescue mode allows access to. I think I'm going to give this up and pronounce it unworkable. I guess I'll just have to install several systems the long hard way. There are several reasons that the driverpacks don't appear to be the right solution for this situation. I'm sure there must be a way to override the driver from the cab file with the new one, but I sure can't find one that works.
  3. Adaptec Zcr Raid

    Okay -- That didn't make any difference. However, I think I understand what's going wrong: It looks like Windows is installing the dpti2o.sys from the Drivers.cab instead of the one that I'm supplying via winnt.sif and the $OEM$\$1\drivers\003_2010s folder on the cd. This driver is also in the i386 folder as compressed as dpti2o.sy_. Is there a way to force Windows to use the newer driver that I'm supplyiing instead of the older non-functional one from the Drivers cab file? If I can't do that, is there a way to remove the dpti2o.sys from Driver.cab so that the installer has to use mine? The installer is definitely using the new driver for the text mode and gui mode parts of the install, cause without that, the installer can't even see the boot drive. When I boot from a real SP2 CD and use F6 to supply the newer driver from a floppy, it works fine. However, on the Microsoft web-site I found a doc that says you can't replace a mass storage/SCSI/RAID driver in a cd based unattended install?? Is that true??
  4. Adaptec Zcr Raid

    I thought that txtmode.sif was only used during the text mode phase. Thiis works through text mode and gui mode install and the hang doesn't happen til the first boot after the install. Also, is there a key somewhere of what these digit strings really mean? I'm building a CD with your suggestion now and will be trying it shortly. Thanks again for your time and patience.
  5. Adaptec Zcr Raid

    Bashrat, First, thanks for any help. Here's the additions I made to TXTSETUP.SIF. All were at the end of the file. The forum wouldn't let me attach the whole file (too big) (~450 KB). If you can give me a clue, I'd be grateful. Thanks again, Partial_TXTSETUP.SIF
  6. Adaptec Zcr Raid

    Sorry, I've been really buried the last couple of days. I didn't see this till just now. I'm not where I can get that right now, but I'll post it tonight. Do you want me to post the entire txtsetup.sif or just the changes I've made (all at the end)???
  7. Adaptec Zcr Raid

    I've tried searching and extensive browsing/reading. I can't find this anywhere, so here's the problem: System is: SuperMicro X6DA8-G2 with 2 x 3.6 Ghz Xeons and 4 GB of PC3200 DDR2 RAM. Adaptec 2010S Raid controller running the on-board 7902 SCSI with 3 x 10,000 RPM 147 GB Fujitsu drives arranged as a 2 drive RAID 1 and a single drive. TekRam 1220 PCIe SATA/RAID controller running 8 x 7,200 RPM 250 GB Hitachi SATA drives (for Video). Asus Radeon X800XT PCIe video Creative Audigy 4 Pro sound card. I've built an unattended install CD with XP-SP2 and drivers for the Intel 7225 chipset, the Adaptec, the TekRam, the on-board Intel pro-1000 ethernet and the Radeon as well as the ATI CP for the Radeon (installed using runonceex). The system installs successfully all the way through to the first post installation boot. During that boot the Tachometer (or whatever it's called) on the Windows XP splash screen runs very sloooo..wly and the system just kind of hangs there for awhle and eventually blue screens, if I wait long enough. If I try to boot at his point in safe mode with command prompt, the hang seems to occur after loading Mup.sys. Is this when the runeonceex install of the ATI CP is taking place? If so, this worked before I added the Adaptec and tried booting on a RAID pair. BTW: all of this worked prior to the Adaptec and RAID system disc. If I install from an SP2 CD and use F6 to add the driver for the 2010S the system installs fine and then I can install the drivers for everything else (starting with the Intel chipset drivers) and I get a working system. I know this doesn't give anyone much to go on, but I'm hoping maybe someone else has run into something similar and solved it, or, at least, gained some insight that might help.
  8. [How To]: ATI Catalyst

    Thanks for the quick response. I should have said this in my first post. After the CP install completes there are 2 X800XT devices, one primary and one secondary. There are also 2 unknown devices. It's not an AIW version, it's just a straight graphics card.
  9. [How To]: ATI Catalyst

    I'm using an ASUS Radeon X800XT Platinum card in a system with an E7525 chipset. I followed this guide to install the latest ATI Catalyst drivers and CP. After the first logon, the drivers and CP are installed and seem to work normally. However, there are 2 unknown devices in Device Manager which claim to be "through the X800XT card". If I uninstall these 2 devices, the system seems to work normally. But, next time I reboot, they come right back again. I don't know what these 2 devices are, and I can't figure out what I need to do to install the correct drivers for them. Anyone have any clues?
  10. This is my first post. I've been reading these forums for several days now. BTW: This is a graeat forum and I'm really pleased to have discovered it. It really seems as though the heavy's here know what they're talking about. That's not true in all forums. I'm kinda new to the unattended Windows install arena but not to computers. I build custom integrated computers for clients as video editing workstations and backup file servers (using linux). I have built several successful install cd's and now I ran into an issue. I searched for the answer but came up dry. So, please forgive if this has been asked and answered before. This is all about a new system using a SuperMicro X6DA8-G2 MB which has the Intel 7525 chipset, dual channel Adaptec 7902 with host raid, and 6 USB 2.0 channels. I successfully built and installed a CD which had XP-SP2, the adpu320, adaptec host raid and e1000 lan drivers on it. Then I realized that in order to get the USB ports to be recognized as USB 2.0 I'd need the chipset drivers. So, following the excelent how to from raskren, I added the chipset drivers for most of the Intel chipsets. Based on stuff I'd read in the guide, I put the chipset drivers in 000_intl, while the U320 driver was in 006_U320, the host raid driver was in 007_SHR and the e1000 drivers in 008_NIC. Now, when I do the install, shortly after it goes to GUI, I get 2 dialogs claiming it can't find the U320 driver. Fortunately the dialog allows me to browse for it and I can find it in the \drivers folder and get it installed and then complete the installation. However, that ain't exactly unattended. It seems like I shouldn't install the chipset driver till after the U320???? Does that make sense? If so, I believe I can just rearrange the folder names (001_U320, 002_SHR, 003_intl ...) and fix the OemPnPDriversPath line in winnt.sif, and they will install in a different order. Have I got this correct?