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  1. It depends how you create your title bar, you can apply blur to the image, You can see some blur applied in the image I posted in the post below. The amount of blur and type you apply is up to you. Best bet is to download the trial version and have a play, that was what i did.
  2. That is probably auto-updated via a bit of javascript so I wouldn't read too much into it. From my point of view it had a good run and i got value for money for the small amount it cost. I have moved to Curtains now which in many ways is better. I have done the bare minimujm with it at present, messed around with a couple of different transparent title bar styles (one with a gradient and the attached one with an attempt at replicating the acrylic look as I described above) and made my explorer semi-transparent when not in focus but it offers far more in terms of personalisation.
  3. Carrying on from my description of how i created the title bar in my last post I have tried following this tutorial to get an acrylic blur (I had added some guassian blur onto the initial attempt which looked a bit better than straight transparancy with no blur) - https://lucidrhino.design/acrylic-material-photoshop/. I've bought curtains now but not had much time to play with it.
  4. Thanks for pointing me towards Curtains, just downloaded it and had a quick play at creating a custom titlebar with transparency. Basically create an image 285x52 (got this from another theme) and the first 26 pixels of height is the Active titlebar image the second the inactive. Add as much transparency as you desire and then save as a PNG. After that it's just a case of loading it and selecting Tick the Replace default frames. I have no idea how it works underneath the surfcae but it does seem to provide a means to get a transparency effect and I guess you can choose the corner shap based on the image you import. I'd definitely prefer a new version of AeroGlass due to it's simplicity and the reduced lieklihood of incompatibilities but I always assumed it would simply stop one day either due to loss of interest to continue updating it or it becoming too cumbersome to maintain and it's had a pretty good run if this is it. I'll have a proper play with Curtains a bit later in the week and if it definitely does the job get it. After all it's only £8 at the moment which wont break the bank and will allow the minimal customisation I tend to use plus more.

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