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  1. So, as requested, I am back with an update: I have pushed modified code in a new branch of my WinCenterTitle project: https://github.com/valinet/WinCenterTitle/tree/glass . Feel free to have a look (“aero” stuff is in dllmain.c). I have not polished it, but it is not gigantic, so it is straightforward to understand. I hook functions and mess a bit with DWM. To understand how I came up with those things, there are some comments, but you can also disassemble uDWM.dll using IDA or Ghidra and start with checking the functions I hooked. At the moment, there are obviously issues: window borders
  2. Hi Just made an account here, I have been following threads on this forums ‘anonymously’ for quite some time now, and wanted to share a few words about this. Nothing makes him special, really. For what is worth, I do not like that he did not open source the project. I mean, I don’t know, from my philosophy and point of view, you shouldn’t charge for projects like this, but whatever, that does not matter, I myself ‘donated’ (read: paid) for this software a good few years back as well. Thing is, it takes a lot of time to research these kinds of projects, and yeah, it teaches you a
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