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  1. Hello, Please give me a link to download the 7Customizer. Unfortunately, I could not find the program, and I really want it. As far as I know it works on the principle of nlite and NTlite. I will add some pictures 7Customizer is made to customize Windows 7 setup. With 7cusotmizer you can add your wallpapers, Icons, themes,you can also integrate updates, drivers and remove components from the setup. It is claimed to replace vLite. It is can customize both 32-bit & 64-bit version of Windows 7 with English and non English sources. Features List: Languages integration (Windows UI language not the setup language) Updates integration Basic unattended installation Driver integration Wallpapers Integration Tweaks Services ISO Creation Presets UAC trigger Clean mount folder http://store.picbg.net/pubpic/36/38/4206ef5934983638.jpg http://store.picbg.net/pubpic/D6/D3/1bd60d574841d6d3.jpg http://store.picbg.net/pubpic/17/49/5e47a024f7501749.jpg
  2. Hello, I really want to model Windows 7 to my liking by adding various programs, drivers, desktop themes, etc. Sorry, I can't run the Wintoolkit software. I am attaching photos where I get the error message. I have NET framework 4.0 installed, but the program does not start. What do I need to integrate into my operating system to make full use of the modeling program. I work with Windows 7 Lite x86 Win Toolkit, formerly Windows 7 Toolkit, is designed to help you integrate your Updates, Drivers, Theme Packs, Tweaks, Wallpapers, Addons, SFX Installers, Gadgets and remove the things you don't want from your Windows installation disk. Win Toolkit is the first program of its kind to integrate your favourite programs into your Windows installation disk! It features an All-In-One Tool, Component Removal, AIO Disk Creator, ISO Maker, Registry Hive Editor, SoLoR SP1 Updates, USB Boot Prep, Unattended Creator. Win Toolkit also features tools like Addon Maker, Update Retriever, CAB Update Installer, Capture Image, Force Unmount, Language Pack Converter, MSP Extractor (MS Office), MSU to CAB Converter, SWM Merger, WIM Manager, WIM Splitter, and lots more.
  3. Hello, Where can I download the Win integrator program. I heard that it allows good cutting of Windows and many other things. Win Integrator enables you to create or rebuild ISO images. Features: - Driver Integration including Bootcritical-Option if you need a Driver to Install Windows - Package Integration (Updates, LocalPacks and LanguagePacks) - Package Removing - Preset Creation - Windows Feature Enabling and Disabling with a Windows Vista SP1 or Windows Server 2008 Image - Package Integration (Updates and LanguagePacks) - ServicePack 2 Integration into a original MS DVD or Image with SP1. Supported Operating Systems: - Windows Vista SP1 - Windows Server 2008 family - Windows 7 family - Windows Server 2008 R2 family.
  4. Let me ask - Is only abiword available for download from mediafree. The winaddons site had a lot of add-ons that could be integrated into the Windows XP installation disc and create a universal operating system. How can I get all the addons from Rado. Rado is a Bulgarian and he created these addons. I couldn't find his coordinates. How else can I get add-ons for Windows XP. I want to make a universal Windows XP with all available programs and many drivers and bake it on dvd
  5. Hello, I would like to ask where I can download the addons from the winaddons.com website. As far as I understand the site is no longer supported, but the addons themselves are stored in the mediafire servers. My question is whether there are valid links and whether they can be downloaded in any way. According to my memories, the site winaddons.com had over 300 addons and these were the most used programs, but after the entry of windows 7,8,10 it is no longer supported.

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