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  1. Total folder size ~230 GB (!!) - for ALL updates (of all languages) in all the .CSV files.
  2. Idk either, so I have already downloaded all of the updates to be safe, which took me ~20 hours straight... MS might one day decide to "retire" (aka delete) them as they have already announced they would be removing all SHA-1 signed files from their website. (But then again, maybe the most recent POSReady 2009 updates won't be deleted so soon since I believe some are dual-signed with SHA-2 e.g. KB4493435 and are also available on the Microsoft Update Catalog). Newest updates on MS files removal: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/lifecycle/announcements/sha-1-signed-content-retired and http
  3. Yeah I just threw together my original code quickly and I only tested it with Python 3.9 (which I now realize doesn't install on Windows 7 or older...) For my original code, you needed to create the download folders before running the script (I didn't have time then to figure out how to create a new folder via Python, so I did it via a .bat file instead that created the folders before invoking my Python code). Example: "NT_5.1.2600-x86-All_DL" folder needed to be created for "NT_5.1.2600-x86-All.csv" before running the script. Anyway, thanks for extending it!
  4. In case anyone wants to download all the updates in the CSV file... I created a Python download script to bulk download those updates - tested on Python 3.9.2 but should also work for older Python 3 versions after installing the "requests" package ('pip install requests' shall suffice): One important note: You need to create the directories corresponding to each CSV file in "csv_files" using the following format (e.g. "NT_5.1.2600-x86-All_DL" for "NT_5.1.2600-x86-All.csv") before running the script. import csv import requests # Add/replace the filenames in csv_files below with t
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