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  1. Nah, WindowBlinds is just too buggy to my taste. You can tell that WB is just a software running on top of your Windows 10. Unlike Glass8 which feels native part of the O.S.
  2. I was talking about "live reflections" on windows borders. Like this glass effect: Glass8 from BM allows you not just get to blur+transparency in to windows frames but it also has the option to insert dynamic glass reflections in to the theme. There is a way to draw the reflections within the theme using PNG borders but those are fake reflections that when you drag the window the glass reflections moves along with the window frame. On the other hand Glass8 reflections stays in the background just like aero did in Windows Vista
  3. I wouldn't mind to pay for this software if it comes with full support for W10. I wonder why BM doesn't release a paid version. If it is under $40 it will sell well IMO
  4. Looks a lot like W7, which is cool. This is my current theme: Only missing Glass8 to add transparency w/ blur and live reflections from Vista.
  5. Thanks for sharing, though personally I look for aero glass in window frames / taskbar / start menu only as it was by default in Vista/7
  6. Do you know if is there a way to get glass reflections on windows explorer without Glass8???? I mean real glass effect, the one that "stays" if you drag the window, no the one that is static and moves along the window when you drag it, that one is part of the theme, but Glass8 reflections seems to be loaded "over" the theme. I used to load a png file for my vista reflections on Glass8 and worked like a charm
  7. Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum but a long time user of Glass8. I've been using it since I upgraded from W7 to W10. Personally I think that Microsoft reached perfection of Windows visuals, with Windows Vista so I try to replicate as much as I can the visuals of Windows Vista in Windows 10. Glass8 was a fundamental part of bringing Vista aesthetic in to W10 which is plain awful by default. I'm pretty sad that Glass8 can't get compatibility with newer versions of W10. In my desperation I tried WindowBlinds with a Vista skin, and uninstalled it after like 10 minutes. It feels so buggy and so "non-native". The blur effect is terrible, it is incompatible with Firefox, incompatible with OldNewExplorer (I get a visual artifact on windows explorer), it doesn't work with startisback. At this point there is absolutely no replace for Glass8
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