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  1. don't get the point why Microsoft should interfere with good Software, they also messes up Skype .... just like Facebook bought WhatsApp ... same story, money rules the world ... still hope for a new release soon, but maybe he got really sick :S
  2. Just for the record, this is quite a nice theme for Windows 10 that makes it look similar to Aero Glass, but with Glass8 it would even look better: https://www.deviantart.com/sagorpirbd/art/Soft-Glass-10-for-Win10-Final-587616610 ( it's not fully compatible with 2004 but it works ) The wait for Aero Glass Upadte is still long ... in the meantime ...
  3. Yeah, Windowblinds is also creepy ... it's not bad, but I'll wait for AeroGlass ....
  4. I got 2002 installed, but still got the option to uninstall it ...
  5. release the hell out of us bigmuscle, can't hardly wait for the update ...

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