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  1. Okay, there's more info since I last searched for this - here's one way via regedit https://www.elevenforum.com/t/add-or-remove-folders-under-this-pc-in-file-explorer-in-windows-11.7122/ (Would still be lovely to have it easily part of StartAllBack, to be honest)
  2. This one? https://www.minitool.com/news/download-vivetool.html Do you know how to access the particular change I'm talking about on it?
  3. Like title – I fear to upgrade from 21H2 due to losing the Folders (Downloads, Documents etc) from the landing page of ThisPC/Explorer. Another super stupid Microsoft change…
  4. 404 BigMuscle not found. FWIW I dropped on waiting and updated Win, it's also a good idea as I'm running the latest RTX cards. The stock window bars are not looking that bad anymore, even...
  5. These Curtains-based solutions seem promising. Your description combined with tyranus7's 1st picture would seem just what I would like. (And having Win unupdated still due to AeroGlass is making me uneasy). How could I get these myself if I acquired Curtains?
  6. Would love to have the update as well. I have postponed Win10 updates because of Aeroglass (Via a Pro license) but that's not smart for a long time... :/

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