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  1. dang i missed this. logged on earlier to see if there's been an update there wasn't so i just did it myself its almost like embracing an OS is productive!
  2. i created an account because i felt compelled to reply to the sentiment i see all the time along these lines. all i can say here is thrashing microsoft because the world has changed and might seem unfamiliar to you is useless. windows 7 sucks unless you don't mind being stuck on old hardware in a world that is moving on. i remember clinging to XP until i couldn't, i remember early 7 and it sucked. they worked on it and it was great by the time i upgraded to 10. and 10 sucked but they're updating it all the time, and i've come around. it takes me maybe ten minutes to get a fresh 10 install looking like this. i've tried my hand at turning it into a full-blown linux clone as well. another five minutes and i might re-theme it with some great styles from niivu and others. i use aeroglass when i can, when i don't it's whatever as you can see from my screenshot, the gamechanger is the fact that windows 10 comes with WSL - a fully functioning linux kernel built right in. this means windows 10 is pretty much the lobby where i might play a game on steam before opening up a terminal and getting to work, using a *real* operating system. (it will even run graphical linux applications, if you need to rely on that sort of thing) and more importantly: i don't have to rely on janky 3rd party apps like rainmeter to extensively mod my desktop. windows 10 has so much powerful features built right in, or easily available. while the default experience certainly borders on intolerable for power users, the more i see replies like this i start liking it more: because to get a great OS you have to sit down and just learn a bit about it. when i see people complaining, i just see people who are unwilling to learn a little bit about their software - and that's fine if you're alright with the basic UI. sometimes it feels like the devs for 10 really work hard to give the user an incredibly powerful OS - and then they have to deal with a marketing team that will come in from time to time and demand that they cover it all up with a flashy, ad-filled UI aimed at turning the UI into a user-data-collection device. they comply, but they also ensure it's something you can easily undo.

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