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  1. Long-time lurker, but had to register an account for this since you couldn't actually read his post. His problem isn't the watermark, it's making aerohost.exe hook onto his DWM. Here, OP, follow these steps: 1) Download PDB Downloader found here and run it (it's quite lightweight, 116 KB in size) 2) Hit "Open File(s)" and navigate to "C:\Windows\System32\" (remember to change your drive letter if you have Windows installed elsewhere) 3) Control-click to select two separate files: "dwmcore.dll" and "uDWM.dll", then hit "Open" (you can save some time here by just copy-pasting ["dwmcore.dll" "uDWM.dll"] into the file name text box, without the brackets) 4) Click "Saving to: c:\symbols" and navigate to your Aeroglass folder, wherever you have it installed. 5) If you haven't already, create a new folder (ctrl-shift-N) in your AeroGlass folder and name it "symbols", dunno if it's case sensitive but it'd probably be best to leave it lowercase. 6) Hit "Start". Shouldn't take more than a couple moments, if that. 7) Hit "Retry" on the error window you were dealing with earlier. If you'd already exited it, reboot your system. EDIT: If there was anything inside the symbols folder inside your AeorGlass folder, go ahead and delete whatever's inside. After this process is over, you should be left with two folders (not DLLs): dwmcore.pdb and uDWM.pdb inside your symbols folder. Do note, however, that this method does NOT work for 1909. You're on 1809, so you should be good, but be warned that if you decide to update windows you'll be stuck like the rest of us on this forum until BigMuscle pushes an update (if he ever does, that is).

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