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  1. No, but you can probably make something similar to that as it allows you to make custom styles
  2. @frank22 do you know of a way to increase the title bar transparency in curtains
  3. How do you even know if he is even working on the program anymore?
  4. Has anyone heard from BigMuscle? It has been about 2 and a half months since he last posted
  5. This thread went from talking about Aero Glass for the latest version of Windows 10 to debating if Microsoft sucks or not.
  6. Probably not because for years, people have been clamoring for transparent title bars from MS, and even after getting thousands of upvotes on several posts relating to adding acrylic title bars to Windows on the feedback hub, there is no sign that this is even being actively worked on.
  7. Well with the virus and him not even posting a comment in over a month on the official forum for his software will make people wonder if something happened to him and what the future of this software holds
  8. Has anyone heard from BigMuscle in the past month? If so, is he working on Aero Glass for Windows 10 2004?
  9. I was wondering why this program isn't open source as it would make patches to this program much faster

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