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  1. Thank you for the heads up. I learned how to replace the dill files and was just about to do it. I was just double-checking the forums to see if BM had posted an update. If I hadn't seen your post, I would have bricked my system.
  2. Not sure how you think he complained. He said replacing dll files with older files will brick a system. That's not complaining. That's letting people know the work around is no longer working.
  3. is there a guide i can follow to replace the dll files as well as downloading them?
  4. Thank you for the replies! So don't install to C\: windows program files? or program files (x86)? So where should it be installed? Also thank you for thsi Atlas theme. I bookmarked it for when this program works. Edit< I understand c\ aero
  5. so i came across this by doing a google search. from my understanding this program is broken on the newest W10 build. when it is fixed, will it give the same look and feel as W7 glass effects? If so i would gladly pay for something like this even if its 80% of the W7 look and feel. has anyone ever had a problem with activation? what if i reformat PC? I dont mind supporting devs at all. My google account since the S2 has accumulated over 6K spent. Can anyone give me their personal experience using this program?

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