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  1. Thanks but PXE is a different game. Thanks but it seems booting on 32-bit UEFI is on a "to-fix" list. Will take a closer look. That's for installing 64-bit Windows on 32-bit UEFI. Not what I'm after. One thing I don't like is that it presents a boot menu to choose from: one booting x86 WinPE and another booting x64 WinPE. Is there a way to eliminate it altogether? I should not be able to choose booting x64 WinPE on x86 UEFI, or x86 WinPE on x64 UEFI. The only sensible option is to boot x64 WinPE on x64 PC, and x86 WinPE on x86 PC. The menu should not be even necessary. Thanks for the help anyway.
  2. Hello. I have successfully created two WinPE ISO images with Win10PESE, one x86 version and one x64 version. These two images were tested with VMWare Player and they worked fine. I would like to have one single combined ISO image out of these two, such that: Only booting from UEFI needs to be supported. When booted on PC with x86 (32-bit) UEFI firmware, the x86 version of boot.wim is booted. When booted on PC with x64 (64-bit) UEFI firmware, the x64 version of boot.wim is booted. Is it even possible to archieve this? Any pointers are welcome.

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