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  1. 14 hours ago, DarkKnight said:

    Listen, I get what you are saying, there are a lot of frustrated people that have made donations that are complaining too. No one seems to know what motivates the man, he just does it when he does it.

    I did not mean to imply that you were plastering complaints all over the forum , it is everyone is general, they think if they complain enough it'll make BM update it faster, in my mind it is quite the contrary.

    I don't mind him taking a bit to update. I want him to be more transparent in what he's doing. That's what I said before. Transparency leads to me and others understanding him more and maybe even donate more money in the long run. But instead, the systems he build surrounding AeroGlass makes me very distrustful. StartIsBack doesn't have that and I paid for that too.

  2. 15 hours ago, DarkKnight said:

    If it bothers you that much about having to "donate" to unlock the software and having to wait for updates, you don't have to use it. There are other less viable options out there like Black Glass Enhanced that you can use.

    I have donated more than once but I also wait patiently for the updates without plastering complaints all over the forum here, because it gets you nowhere, it is not going to make him update it any faster, it'll get done when it gets done.

    I have always said that if BM does not have the time to invest in and update and improve aeroglass then he just should sell the source code to someone who does, but that is his choice. I am also absolute;y positive that we have some very smart individuals in this forum that with a little time could come up with a viable replacement to aeroglass also, but no one does.

    I can take aeroglass or leave it, it is not an absolute necessity for me to have because to me it is only eye candy, my OS's functionality is not dependent on it. But when it is updated I do use it, aeroglass also does not dictate to me whether or not I upgrade my system to the latest versions of Windows or not, if a version of Windows breaks it , fine, I just move on and wait for the next update, while for others it might be a deal breaker but as for me that is just absurd to run a less secure OS just because I cannot have that glass effect.

    Give it some time, MS is slowly adding acrylic to Windows 10 and before you know it there will be no need for aeroglass

    I never said I didn't understand the situation. I don't mind paying money for something. But I do expect the person selling it to be honest about it. I have absolutely no idea if he's honest about it. I don't really feel you really try to understand what I'm saying.

    "I have donated more than once but I also wait patiently for the updates without plastering complaints all over the forum here" I don't "plaster complaints all over the forum" either. I've been mostly (trying) to help people out and some questions/comments here and there.

    But yeah, thanks a lot for your reply. I guess I'm just overthinking things or something. I'm still waiting patiently. Checking the forum from time to time.

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  3. 7 hours ago, coyotee said:

    For my part I think it should take a long time to update and do all the checks of the proper functioning of the program, more Microsoft is in the process of modifying a lot of thing and parameters in Windows 10 and this for their new mount Windows in the future. And that full of parameters we are gone or we change location so not easy in this condition to update a program, especially since I think it does this after its main activity. I prefer that it take time and have a program that works well without problems than having something that works with lots of bugs.
    For donations he could very well have done like many others do a 30-day trial period and then the program stops and obliges to pay to have it, but he preferred to put it for free with a filagram and to unlock here we donate a donation like this everyone can have it and enjoy it (thanks BigMuscle for that).
    Cordially coyotee

    We have absolutely no idea how long it takes. It could take a full week or it could take 12 hours. We have no idea. This is what I mean with speculation. Did he ever share any info regarding what it takes to update? How big of a chance is there even that this can cause bugs? And if a lot of bugs can be there does he have a very solid way of fixing these with some kind of debugging software perhaps? And having an application without bugs is pretty logical yes. I don't see how that changes anything in this particular situation. We still don't know how much testing is actually done each update.

    Also, the application is not free. If you can pay for it how is it free? Unless you can pay for the application and your payment changes nothing. You would have the exact same feature set with no downsides. That's what we call an donation. This is clearly a trial/demo.

    Anyway, I appreciate what BigMuscle is doing because I think this isn't an easy task. He is probably doing this for himself and a small group of people. At least I think so. Like I said, I'm speculating just as much as all of you. I just wanted to get this off my chest. I understand most of the people present on this section of the forum will probably disagree with me or think I don't appreciate what he has created. There is no need for me to make everyone uncomfortable (hopefully I didn't) for a long period of time with replies going back and forth. I really don't want that. The world is already in a full epidemic at the moment. So I just wanted to share what I think, considering this thread was somewhat steering towards the topic.

    So yeah, be safe and sorry for waltzing in here with my skepticism. I'm just a user like all of you and I can be a bit harsh with what I say. Good day everyone!

    EDIT: Thinking about it a bit more, I think I might've been a bit too harsh/distrustful. See it as simple food for thought for now, or something. I'm probably overthinking things.

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  4. I personally do think it's weird that the moment I purchased a premium license for this software it was already out of date. Since I knew about AeroGlass it has been out of date. I'm "freaking out" because it does take him so long to update a paid product. I could only use it for some time because I had 1903.

    You can call it donating but we all know it isn't. The "free" version (trial) is a stripped down version. You need to pay to unlock all it's features and for most make it a viable option to use daily. Having fancy glass windows while having an ugly (Opinion of mine but also a lot of others) watermark on your desktop is for most not really a win. And that's very done on purpose. Cosmetic micro transactions in games also influence the game by a very large portion. It doesn't influence the gameplay with stats but it does influence the game itself. Cosmetics and making something look good is for a lot of people more important than functionality. Hence why cosmetics in those games are so popular.

    I'm not an id*** though. I know there is Corona epidemic going on and I also know that updating AeroGlass is probably not 10 mins of work. But this is what you get when you're not transparent in what you do. People are going to ask questions. The way AeroGlass is now is beneficial for BigMuscle, not us. He has all the benefits of developing free software with the added benefit of receiving "donations". Which aren't really donations. Most of those donations are really done to get the full version with an added "good feel" effect because you have the impression you're supporting the development of AeroGlass. While in reality, that extra 10 euro you just donated might've absolutely no influence at all.

    My assumption is is that BigMuscle will likely stop updating this once it takes too much of his time, the donations aren't high enough and people are generally not that interested anymore. But that 10 euro I mentioned might've not changed that in any shape or form. Even better, not updating AeroGlass for some time is probably beneficial to him. I'm not saying he has ill intend or that he's doing it on purpose but not updating AeroGlass will get people to donate yet again.

    That's all fine. But then I think he should be transparent in regards to what's up. Tell us SOMETHING. Not be quiet for months and months. Give us an ETA. Keep us up to date in regards to plans or innovations. Maybe you found a way to update AeroGlass quicker? Or maybe you wanna make sure that we know that it will take awhile because you're expecting Windows to release an update soon that might break it yet again? Who knows, I'm not developing this software. Everyone is just guessing at this point and everyone who says they know what BigMuscle is thinking is just speculating.

    In regards to transparency, listing how much is approximately donated each month, an explanation what exactly needs to be done each update and how much time that costs would already go a long way. Of course combined with some quick communication here and there. For all I know he gets over a €690 each update and it takes him an hour or 2 to get it working for the latest version of Windows because he's got it all set up now and optimized for quick successful updates. In terms of optimizing the updating of software, there is a lot you can do. Of course, the €690 isn't based on realism, but I hope you understand what I'm trying to say.

    Or maybe he indeed only needs about 3-4 hours for each minor update, and 7 for major updates? Or maybe minor or major updates don't matter in terms of time? Or maybe he's just very busy with his 6 jobs? Who knows. The things I mentioned above would take about 10 mins. Quick communication in regards to what's up, how much was donated last month and a quick explanation what needs to be done if an update needs to be released for AeroGlass and the complications some things might bring to updating the software.

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  5. I've noticed this as well and it just feels to me like it isn't the same color. That's the reason why I noticed actually. In a lot of scenario's (based on background) the colors of the 2 separate portions are very far from identical. With my color configuration it's even more noticeable if a window is unfocused.

  6. On 4/24/2020 at 8:00 AM, Hadden said:

    Aereoglass 1.5.13

    w10 1909 18363.720

    Symbols updated (22/04/20)


    Does the glass reflection and blur still work?

    Both crystal_reflection.png and bec_clouds.png seems not to loadble anymore (is that way since a long time)

    (I always used AeroGlassGUI to do that. Guess something is changed in the meanwhile).


    Glass reflection stilll works yeah. I don't know how it worked before but I didn't need to select a reflection texture. AeroGlass doesn't explain that very well. Simply set to "Glass Reflection Intensity" to whatever you want and it works. Set it to 100% so you can see that it works.

    As for blur, I don't know how it was before so I can't comment on that.

  7. What I did was simply rename the 2 .dll's to something silly.

    They will still be in use and un-deletable while the current session of DWM is running. After that simply paste the 2 .dll's from the archive file in the "system32" folder and restart your PC (or restart DWM).

    Then I deleted the 2 old files and I had AeroGlass working. I obviously made a backup prior to all this.

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  8. 11 hours ago, SkyySX said:

    Yeah we have to wait for the new version, or you could replace your DWM files with the ones of the old Windows build if you're willing to do that to your system.


    Side-note, are you the same Lifell that by chance plays Final Fantasy XIV? I'm on a Discord for the game that also features a Lifell :P

    Yes, that's me :P. And fair enough. I hope the person who makes this has time soon. World is in chaos now and I'm suspecting that he/she is rather busy with things at the moment.

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  9. Hey, I've installed the latest version now available on http://www.glass8.eu/ and it still crashes. Apparently I have a slightly different version from the usual 1909 build? The one reported is "18363.752"

    Also posted my debug.log file. I enabled the EnableLogging thing but I'm not sure if it has any effect. If anyone needs any more info, don't hesitate to ask for it.

    EDIT: Seems I made a mistake and reported a duplicate issue now? The other thread is still ongoing. I guess 1909 worked fine but newer updates off this "branch" did not. So yeah, if anyone can delete this topic, that would be great. Sorry.


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