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  1. 1 hour ago, Mr.Scienceman2000 said:

    Original Pentium from 1990s or newer 64bit one:dubbio:. Well jokes aside could you you give other specs like model

    HP 500B MT

    Intel Pentium E5800

    1 hour ago, RainyShadow said:

    It may have also never been written to the disk if there is protection enabled in the BIOS settings.

    I went back to windows 7 and went to the xp partition and there is only a windows folder

  2. 7 hours ago, Mr.Scienceman2000 said:

    Could you be more clear. What specs pc got? What point it blackscreen, after bios or after windows xp splash screen? Does hdd click when does?

    CPU: Intel Pentium E5800

    GPU: Integrated Intel Graphics

    RAM: 2 GB

    it went black after the bios and there is no hdd activity

  3. 1 hour ago, Jakob99 said:

    FireFox 81 works as a charm. Setup.exe didn't work, so you have to uninstall your existing FireFox, recreate the Mozilla Firefox folder in Program Files (x86), and then copy the files over. You can then create a shortcut to Firefox.exe by right clicking it and clicking create shortcut, at which point it will be put automatically on the desktop. You can also remove the .exe - shortcut stuff that gets added to the name so it is just Firefox.

    To pull this off, do the following, which was obtained from this video by WinClient5270 and this thread by TatsuyaSou:

    1. Go to the FireFox website and act like you're going to download it. Cancel the download prompt that pops up and scroll down. There should be a link called "Download FireFox for a different OS". Click it, leave all the options the same (Windows, x64, etc), and it should download FireFox 81.

    1.5 (Optional). If you don't have 7zip, grab it now from the 7zip site and set it up. If you also don't have CFF Explorer, grab that now as well. A link to that is available in the YouTube Video I linked above.

    2. Right click the Firefox installer, hover over 7zip, and then click Open Archive. Extract everything there to the desktop.

    3. Open the folder you just extracted and in the search bar type in *.exe This will show only the exe's, and files that have .exe, but which otherwise end in a different extension (such as .config).

    4. Right click each exe and click on open in CFF Explorer. Navigate to Optional Header and you should see two fields that have 0006 and a 0001 under MajorOperatingSystemVersion, MinorOperatingSystemVersion, MajorSubsystemVersion, and MinorSubsystemVersion. This refers to the version number. Leave the 6 intact, but change the 0001 to 0000. Do this to the other 0001 as well, and then save. If the exe has a 0004 and a 0000 in place of the 0006 0001, don't edit that. Check every exe except the ones that end in .exe.InsertFileExtensionHere. Those were included in the search as they include .exe even though that is not the files official extension.

    5. Afterwards, open back up Firefox.exe, navigate to Import Table, then to ntdll.dll, and then change the entry RtlQueryPerformanceCounter to NtQueryInformationProcess. Save the file and test it out

    6. Open Firefox and it should open up just fine.

    7. If you wish, you can uninstall your current Firefox installation and move the files for the new one to the Mozilla Firefox folder in Program Files (x86) (you will have to recreate the folder since the other one got deleted), and then create a shortcut to the Firefox.exe, which will automatically get placed on the desktop. If you want it to look official, you can remove the .exe - Shortcut junk from the name so it reads simply Firefox instead of Firefox.exe - Shortcut.

    8. Credit goes to WinClient5270 and TatsuyaSou for these methods. I am just posting it here so people don't have to hunt all over for this information. I should note that I have no idea if Firefox 81 has any major problems as I only went to Google, but I imagine videos would be a problem since people reported those in prior versions beyond the 60's I think.


    Ensure you also have the May 2021 Extended Kernel update.

    Thank you!

  4. On 5/30/2020 at 11:19 PM, erpdude8 said:

    you still did NOT specify what kind of HP Pavilion computer you are using as there are MANY kinds of Pavilion PCs out there, Novek
    heck, I'm using a very old HP Pavilion media center m8417c desktop computer which has only USB 2.0 ports and not USB 3.0 ports as that was made before the USB 3.0 standard came out

    im using a HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop PC 790-0000i

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