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  1. It's a version, and it also installed the Intel control panel .
  2. Thank you so much! That worked perfectly ! I put all of those folders in one folder, then went to device manager and selected that folder, let it install and after reboot there was video! Everything, including aero works just fine now . Thanks again!
  3. I'm unable to download that, I just get 502 Bad Gateway and 504 Gateway Time-out.
  4. Yes, im absolutely sure that SP2 and all the other updates were installed. I now tried that latest driver but the same thing just happens . I installed it with the Intel's own installation wizard, and after unistalling the driver I tried manually installing through device manager, no difference. I remembered that it was actually the Business edition of Vista that was on the Dell laptop, so I installed that on this HP. And again.... blank screen after installing the driver . So the installation media is not the problem. I had an old Vista thinkpad laying around, so I checked on that how to get to the display properties blindly using the keyboard and did that on this HP. I tried to change the resolution, but nothing happened. Then I printscreened that menu, opened paint, pasted it to there and saved the image, blindly. After that I booted into the safe mode and removed the display driver, rebooted again and checked the image. It was just black and the resolution of the image was 1024x768. I thought about trying to install XP on this and upgrading it to Vista. But I can't upgrade 32bit XP to 64bit Vista, and since this machine has 8GB of ram, 64bit would be quite important. Of course I could try 64bit XP but im not sure if that can be upgraded to Vista, at least I've never tried that. Another option is to try Server 2008 and see if this same issue happens with it too.
  5. Thanks for answering , Yes, I installed all of the updates Windows Update found. I didn't install the Windows Server 2008 updates because those have already made 2 of my systems unbootable in the past, so I prefer not to install them. Right now it doesn't have all of the updates installed though, because I just reinstalled Vista. But the same thing happens without/with all updates. Here is a link for the driver, this is the latest one for HD3000 on Vista: https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/21414/Graphics-Intel-HD-Graphics-Driver-for-Windows-Vista-64-exe-?product=81500 Here are the hardware ID's: PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_0116&SUBSYS_17AB103C&REV_09 PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_0116&SUBSYS_17AB103C PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_0116&CC_030000 PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_0116&CC_0300 Here is a video showing the problem, the driver I install on this is the one from the link above. You can see that num/capslock lights work, sounds etc. I also tried win+r, type something random and it gave errors, and also shutting down from the start menu using keyboard, so the system otherwise is fully functional .
  6. Hello! I'm a big fan of Vista and would like to get it working correctly on my HP ProBook 6570b. I have now installed Windows Vista Home Premium x64 with SP2 on it and managed to install all the drivers for it, except for the integrated HD3000 graphics. For some reason on the HP's site this laptop has drivers for XP and 7 but not for Vista? But after a lot of searching I found all the other drivers for this laptop . Specs: Intel Core i3-2370M with Intel HD Graphics 3000, 8GB of DDR3, 320GB HDD, 15.6" 1600x900 display. The thing is that the drivers for the HD3000 installs just fine but after rebooting there is no picture at all after the loading screen . I can still hear the startup sounds and the OS seems to be fully functional otherwise. I have tried the VGA output straight to external monitor and through a docking station, but still nothing, monitor is not even detecting any output from the laptop. If I boot into the safe mode, there is video again, and after unistalling drivers for the HD3000, I can boot just normally and have a video. I have tried many different drivers, without success, including Windows 7 ones, and those didn't work. I also have an old Dell laptop i3-2310m with HD3000 and had Vista on it a couple years ago and there was no problems at all. I also tried the Dell drivers on this HP, but the same thing just happens... blank screen. On Windows 7 there was no problems at all, so the GPU itself is not faulty. I've tried googling a lot but without success. I also tried to install all the Windows updates and updating the bios to the latest version but it didn't make any difference. It doesn't matter if the driver is installed through the Intel installation wizard, Windows Update or from the device manager, same thing happens always. I have also reinstalled Vista twice for now, with no luck . Any help is greatly appreciated!

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