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  1. That indeed did it, everything from BlackWingCat installed with no troubles; though there is a lot that's still missing and I've chalked it down to there simply being no compatibility even with editing Windows XP .INFs. I've decided I'll take a step back from this laptop and find something a bit more readily compatible to daily Windows 2000 (That's in a similar form factor/size to the X201). Thanks so much for your help Win32 and others. I have definitely learned a lot from this thread for future setups!
  2. Turns out it hadn't installed correctly the first time around. I'm booting with no troubles but am now running into the MSVCR90.DLL not found error when attempting to install a graphics driver...
  3. I’ll be sure to give those a shot when I get back from work! Though I managed to install some stuff and blackwingcat’s KernelEX, it lead to my system being extremely slow to start and unable to login do you have any advice on what I might have done wrong there?
  4. Success! Holy crap, I'm so glad it finally installed! Thank you so much for your help Win32 I do have one more question though... I've been reading in the forum that multicore support is a bit off and requires specific updates, but the pinned thread on the matter is about 4 years old. I was hoping to find out if I should follow that thread or is there anything I can do to ensure the updates I install won't give me troubles with my core2duo. Also one last question, where would be the best place to source Intel series 5/3400 drivers from? I remember there was a pretty decent set of executa
  5. No luck with either of these drivers unfortunately. Gradually losing sanity but not hope just yet. Running it stock and loading 3B22 resulted in yet another 0x...7B BSOD. I suppose it's back to tooling around until something sticks at this point That's the whole root of my issue, the BIOS of the X201i has no IDE mode. I think the "compatibility" just disables AHCI, nicely done Lenovo! I'd have just resigned to installing with IDE functionality by this point otherwise.
  6. Upon changing all mentions of 3B22 to 3B2E I manage to get pass the corruption error... only to be met with 0x0000007B once again, I think I'm extremely close at this point and I just need to find out what needs ironing out. I've also attached a zip file containing the modified INFs if anyone wants to have a closer look. Once again, I am always open to advice or ideas on what to do because I'm still almost 100% clueless on what the hell I'm doing BWC.zip
  7. Unfortunately that correction didn't yield any positive results on my end. I realized I was using an outdated version of the drivers from BWC and got a much more recent release (Intel Rapid Storage Manager 8.9g for Windows 2000 + Extended Core(Intel 300 Series 蟇セ蠢� - also attached). Compiling the cab file's contents as a disk image yields an "iastor.sys is corrupted error" and there is still no mention of DEV_3B2E but there are pre-existing entries for the 5/3400 series; it's no golden bullet but I think it's a much better point to search for a solution from. Hopefully when I work out why
  8. Here's what I've been able to cobble together so far. Any references to "3400" or "3B2E" are things I have added in myself. 'Intel(R) 5 Series PCH SATA AHCI Controller' currently fails with the error: "Section Files.SCSI.DEV_3B2E of the INF file is invalid" whilst 'Intel(R) 3400 SATA AHCI Controller' gets all the way to "Starting Windows 2000" before coughing up the 0x0000007B error. iaStor.infiaAHCI.infTXTSETUP.OEM
  9. I was able to pull the hardware ID although I'm not sure which one I should be using. I've also realized I've forgotten where I should be copying the hardware ID; There's two files, iaAHCI.inf and iaSTOR.inf, in BlackWingCat's driver. Thank you kindly and please forgive me for the stupid questions. I'm not as good at this kind of wizardry as I was a few years ago...
  10. I'm shocked I didn't think of that! I'll give it a shot and report back with the outcome.
  11. Hey all, as the title says, I've been trying to install Windows 2K on my X201i for the past couple of days but seem to be totally getting stumped with the SATA/AHCI driver as no matter what drivers I've used, I always crash after selecting my F6 driver (it selects and attempts to load before coughing up the dreaded Error 0x0000007b). I've got the following background info that might show what I'm exactly screwing up here to those who are more experienced: I'm using WinSetupFromUSB as it allows you to custom-load your own F6 driver disk I'm about 90% convinced that I need to
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