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  1. Hello, For my part I think it should take a long time to update and do all the checks of the proper functioning of the program, more Microsoft is in the process of modifying a lot of thing and parameters in Windows 10 and this for their new mount Windows in the future. And that full of parameters we are gone or we change location so not easy in this condition to update a program, especially since I think it does this after its main activity. I prefer that it take time and have a program that works well without problems than having something that works with lots of bugs. For donations he could very well have done like many others do a 30-day trial period and then the program stops and obliges to pay to have it, but he preferred to put it for free with a filagram and to unlock here we donate a donation like this everyone can have it and enjoy it (thanks BigMuscle for that). Cordially coyotee
  2. Hello everyone, the program that TheGhosT offers you is waiting for Aero Glass to be updated by its designer BigMuscle for the version Win10 Version 2004 Build 19041 is a good alternative, for my part it's already been a few months that I use it with aero glass. I do not know if the version offered by TheGhosT is the latest in view settings preview because I did not install its version on my machine to have no problem and have to start all over again, I but some screenshot from my pc with to show you that it works and I'm waiting for the update of aero glass because I miss it in my config. At the same time I ask for your help to locate in Windows 10 the icons that I arrowed in blue I have already changed these icons in systemresources but it does not work and I do not know where they can be found elsewhere in windows thank you in advance for your help. Sorry for my English but this is done with a translator (I am French-speaking Belgian). Cordially coyotee
  3. hello, thank you for your answer i will wait for the update and after i will make a donation cordially yves
  4. Hello everyone, I am new to this forum and I am also Belgian (I am nobody perfect) and I don't speak English suddenly I have to translate via a translator on the forum canvas (not easy for everyone to understand but hey that's how it is). Here I have a question for you I am updating Windows 10 I am currently in version 2004, aerolass no longer works this is normal wait for update, but there is a man who is making videos of Windows customization in France and which sells custom Windows which have just posted a video or we say it's window etc. its transparent and that it is 2004 version suddenly my question is that if we donate to aeroglass is it possible that this would have allowed aeroglass to update itself and continue to work. Thank you in advance for your answers and surely I will have other questions for you on Windows 10 for me to continue to customize it because I discovered this a few months ago and since then I am crazy about it, but all the forums sound in English and videos sound of poor quality or much too fast in the movements and very poorly explain for beginners. Cordially coyotee

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