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  1. Ah, I see. So unless a new unofficial update is released for Windows 2000 at some point in the future, the current state of HFSLIP should be comprehensive and I should never need to connect the system to Windows Update at all?
  2. I checked Windows Update after having installed from a slipstreamed ISO and it said that there were still updates available for the system. Is there any way of adding these to HFSLIP so that they are included in the ISO?
  3. Brilliant, thanks for the info. When you say the extended kernel/core cannot be integrated, do you just mean for the slipstreaming process? Can I still install it after, once Windows is fully set up? I've found that having XP application support is quite useful.
  4. First of all, it should be noted that I'm not intending to use this system for anything critical or secure. I'm just interested in having some sort of old system to play around and experiment with, either in a VM or on an old laptop, and in learning how secure/modern it's possible to make it. I've been following the instructions of these posts in order to upgrade a Windows 2000 SP4 install to be as current as it's possible to be, complete with extended kernel and extended core. I have reached the point where Windows Update is accessible and I can download and install updates, including Di
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