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  1. I wrote that in reply to the reply I got from Mcinwwl which failed to read my post which is something I always hate in people (who don't read), he is asking me about file type and I mentioned that, he asked about being updated and I already gave the version of excel and SP and if he knew anything he would know that update does not work anymore for MS office 2007 and I have no way of knowing if I am updated or not because also I am here looking for helping regarding this exact question and gave the version of the latest compatibility pack that I managed to find, the other questions are far from the problem. I did need the help fast because I had a job offer that ended before I can even open the file correctly and I relied on you instead of continuing to search online (I regret that now) but I never mentioned that problem because it is my problem not yours, I only mentioned the the reply that was sent without reading what I wrote. You don't seem to be better than him, you didn't see the edit date which is after the reply I got. Thanks for nothing
  2. You didn't even read what I wrote, what a helpful forum!
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