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  1. Yes, that should do the trick (but I believe it will be netfx.msi instead of dotnetfx.msi) just verify the package name after extracting
  2. This is the same story. First unpack the .exe file and then do this: %systemdrive%\Install\System\DotNet\netfx.msi /Q
  3. You can unpack this .exe file (most people have 7-zip installed) and it will extract the .msi file everybody talks about
  4. Each application to install has a max of 6 command lines in the actual interface. Can this be manually extended inside the config.js? I have a header that requires 11 commands, and I can either input them manually inside the .js or make them into 2 headers (i prefer to have it under one header).
  5. I still don't understand what stage is which T-xx but I just never paid attention to it with windows. I uses nLite to do hotfixes etc, and then WPI to install the rest. I did mean the actual windows setup. Thanks, I'll just live with it then
  6. I tried looking for the topic, but didn't find it, sorry if it is a double post. During my unattended install, which works fine, I see some screen flickers that look like "dos screens" that pop up and close (so it can never be a long command). Does anyone know what they do? and can I surpress them? It looks annoying to see them flicker in and out my custom install screen...
  7. Let me strat by saying that WPI was a great help getting to install software unattended. But now, I am wondering, I have a huge list of applications I want to install. Should I worry about the sequence? I know I want to start with the drivers-applications. but after that... I have no clue. Should I worry about file assoc. by changing the sequence etc.??
  8. You can use CDImage as a CD in VMWare. Set the .iso file as cdrom. then boot your VM and make sure that cdrom is first in boot sequence. The image you made will work as a "cdrom". Make sure you correct the error in the WPI.cmd file to prevent getting the message "can't find d:...." Find this text inside your WPI.cmd: REM Make WPI driectory the current directory for /F "delims=: tokens=1" %%i in ("%WPIPATH%") DO ECHO %%i: cd "%WPIPATH%" and replace it with: REM Make WPI driectory the current directory for /F "delims=: tokens=1" %%i in ("%WPIPATH%") DO %%i: cd "%WPIPATH%"
  9. Sorry about the wrong topic. I am working on installing drivers via iss files, that's why I put it there. I tried RunOnceEx.cmd while installing on a partition and noticed it didn't start. When I restarted my original OS it ran. I assume RunOnceEx doesn't point to my partition (in my case e:\) I use this to test if drivers install correctly since VM doesn't have all my actual hardware...
  10. Everyone wants to surpress the reboot during unattended install using setup.iss files. Why? is it not better to reboot before installing the next file? How can one do this? Does the script continue after a reboot where it left off?
  11. Hello everyone, my new notebook comes with a cd installing all drivers. It reboots the computer a couple of times in between. Can I use this CD to install my drivers? (drivers from CD). I think the reboot is crucial, but I am not sure if my batch command will continue if I do this. How to deal with reboots (without surpressing them????
  12. I can even shrink it using ORK.EXE. So that is no problem. Just hoped. I can Use ORK to automatically install proofing afterwards aswell. Guess no other options then.. thanx
  13. automated... I only use 3 langs out of the 600MB package. I just want to slipstream those into my original MS Office.. Is that possible? (or did you mean setup.exe /QB:d:\my office cd files)
  14. Hi everyone, my unattended install works fine and installs MS Office 2003 aswell. Now I also want to install certain prrofing tools for it (read: spelling checkers). I can do this by adding another install, but was wondering if anyone knows how I can slipstream these into MS Office so that it does it automatically.. Thanx
  15. Hi everyone, my question is actually that I want my drivers installed before the complete setup. My 15.4" screen looks crap during setup because everything gets stretched. Is it possible to have it run another resolution before? if so, how?
  16. I'm not sure yet, but I would try these files: I386\ntoskrnl.ex_ (think this is your best bet) I386\driver.cab\ntoskrnl.exe I386\sp2.cab\ntoskrnl.exe Let me know if it works
  17. Hi everyone, I understand that the ideal is to have a unattended setup (so that you don't sit near your computer) so why make it look good? Do these custom screens work in a normal setup(attended)?
  18. Hi everyone, very busy making my own installation to get rid of Microsoft. Using jcarle I do not see a progress bar.. is that correct? I haven't tried a actual install yet or VM. Here is my preview: if you like it, here is my file: winntbbu.dl_ Opinions are welcome Jacco
  19. Hi everyone, trying to create a unattended install of NSW2004. I don't want everything installed. I tried a administrative, but that doesn't work. I tried to install via the .msi files, but systemwork will only install via the setup.exe. It doesn't create a setup.iss file if run with -R I'm somewhat out of options here... Can anyone help me? Jacco

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