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  1. Installed the 845 Chipset drivers and it seems like it's working great, full resolution at high color
  2. @jaclazIt looks very similar, except mine has a CRT monitor and 1GB of ram. The ram is most likely an upgrade, it was my friend's family computer for a long time. The universal vga drivers did work, but I haven't tried running a game or anything on it. I'm going to try all the other linked drivers next, will update with what happens. Thanks for all the help!
  3. It's a 2003 Gateway ES2 500S. I've tried searching the name and model/serial numbers but I've only found a few Ebay listings. I will try the universal driver and see if that works, thanks for the help!
  4. Greetings fellow nostalgic nerds, I recently picked up a 2003 Gateway with a Pentium 4 in it and a beautiful 1024x768 CRT. Swapped a few parts and got it running like new, and installed Windows 98SE with no problems. The machine works great, except I can only get 16 colors at 800x600. I have searched the bowels of the internet and it seems like nobody has any drivers for 98 that work with integrated Intel chipsets. I haven't been able to determine exactly what internals the machine has because the original HDD was dead, along with it's copy of XP and all the drivers. System info only says its an "Intel Family" Processor and generic VGA adapter graphics. Do any of these drivers exist, or should I search for a compatible VGA graphics card to put in it?
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