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  1. So, nobody know. Well, I have another question - can you recommend a raw registry editing program?
  2. Nobody know any thing which can help?
  3. OK, I red this article, and it does not help me. Because: 1) My problem is in corrupted driver data in the registry; 2) Drivers are not corrupted - the same drivers worked fine in old windows, and now work fine in new windows; 3) Last Good Known Configuration feature lost - after more than 10 reistallations; 4) Repair option with windows setup do not solve neither first nor second problem; 5) kb307545 article do not solve too - the backup working copy lost too - after more than 10 reinstallations; 6) And I do not want to repartition and reinstall windows. If It can boot with another registry so it can boot with its own registry. Microsoft do not get information about more difficult solving this problem, so I think the one choise - manual registry editing. But where to edit it, which keys must be edited, which data must be edited?
  4. No, it is not a virus. Virus is Isass.exe, I have not this file anywhere. My error is in Lsass.exe.
  5. In all cases the Setup stages complete successfully, comp reboots normally, without abnormal reboots in the half of the process.
  6. I forgot to write my XP version - SP2 with latest updates, integrated in the installation. I had windows (which crushed) installed with integrated SP1, then (long time after) I install SP2 and all available updates. Then (why I did it? ) I reinstall this windows (repair choise in the setup). Setup process was fine, except one moment - setup asked me a file for the motherboard driver, I clicked Cancel. Graphical part of the setup was completed successfully, comp rebooted, and crush appeared before firsh logon. I turned off the autoreboot when system crushes and saw BSOD 7B (0xF894D528, 0xC0000034, 0, 0). I did not know about Repair folder which contain backups of the system registry. I repeated reinstallation about 10 times, and now this folder contain bad backups. Then I installed other copy of the same windows and installed the same drivers and replased the SYSTEM regisry file (in the System32\Config folder) with the working copy from the new windows. And then I take error with lsass. Old windows boots normally if replase all registry files from the new windows. But, ofcourse, without old settings and data. So, I search a way to recover my old windows. Simple reinstallation not helps in first case (reboot before XP logo) and in second case (lsass.exe error). Is it possible to solve my problem? I believe it possible, but I do not know how.
  7. I found english text of this error: "When trying to update a password, the return status indicates that the value provided as the current password is not correct." Anyone know why this error occur?
  8. Hi all! (Sorry for my english) I have a problem with my XP. Some days ago my Windows crashed, and I am trying to recover it. Problem was with incorrectly turned drivers after reinstalling (Repair option in windows setup). Windows reboots before the logo appears. In th sefe-mode too. Then I install the same copy on the other partition, install the same drivers. This copy works fine. I replaced the SYSTEM registry file of the old windows with the same file from the new windows. So, windows now boots more, but after the XP logo before the Welcome screen I take the error (I have a russian localized windows, so i will translate the text to english) "lsass.exe System Error" "This return-code mean incorrect current password while changing password". And after 3 secs windows restarts. Please help me, how to solve this problem with lsass.exe? Thank you.

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