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  1. It seems to me like this phase is getting longer and longer, but I don't do it often so I don't remember clearly. Running it now, I've been waiting 15+ minutes.
  2. But it looks like other people here at MSFN [older posts in the RichEdit topic], a while back, experienced problems/bugs with newer rich controls, so I left those files the way they are. If you [and eventually others] confirm that the newer richtx32.ocx works ok, I'll update RICHED9X with the newest one.
  3. the intel motherboards mentioned so far seem to be of micro-atx form factor ... are there any standard atx form factor motherboards still supporting 98se+agp+p4 available in north america? asrock seems good about this, but their boards are hard to find in the u.s.
  4. I have laying around an "el cheapo" PC (bought from a supermarket) which I plan on repurposing as an asset server for all my photography assets and textures etc.
  5. I tried many times for win 10 through media creation tool bit little glitch in internet or power, disrupts download and I have to start again. Moreover I have no idea what version, build of windows 10 will give me updated or not.
  6. I would like an objective discussion/fair criticism on quality too besides piling up all the Start menus in the world. That would help me and Ivo to improve Classic Shell.
  7. During the MainPathBoot phase, most of the operating system work occurs. This phase involves kernel initialization, Plug and Play activity, service start, logon, and Explorer (desktop) initialization. To simplify analysis, we divide the MainPathBoot phase into four subphases, as show in the next picture. Each subphase has unique characteristics and performance vulnerabilities.
  8. I changed to a custom Vista theme for Windows 8, which works perfect. For all of those bells and whistles of the Aero theme, you can just go to the advanced system settings and change performance settings in there. Of course, for features like Media Player
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