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  1. Good afternoon, I've had problems when installing the aeroglass of Big Muscle on a VMWare Workstation VM. After it installs and you reboot, you become unable to open the desktop, which is an extremely strange thing, because judging from other people's experiences it can be installed without giving any problem on a physical computer. I thought that the problem might lay on something related to the Secure Boot of the BIOS, which is impossible since the VM uses an old type of BIOS which is not EFI or UEFI. The desktop just logs you out after opening it. I've also attached a link containing a short video which shows how the desktop logs me out, I cannot attach it here since only files which are smaller than 0.5mb are allowed. https://mega.nz/#!urJxgaoY!5GJQ3mGMizZZdTm8EmWa8ZkNYeD2CjnSDq2WZauxuyI
  2. Greetings, I've registered to this nice forum because I'd like to ask something very important about a problem which I'm suffering on a windows 8 VM which I'd like to fix. It's related to a program that gives back the aero glass to the OS, which I presume it's taken from Windows Release Preview build 8400, or in other words, ported. I'm also very interested on things related to Windows and tweaks for the different Windows OSes. I hope everyone here does well and and I wish the best to everyone here nonetheless.
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