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  1. Its in your power to change it
  2. idk what VMWare changes when cloning the VM in comparison to just copying by hand, but I guess keeping the HDD serial should be doable. I'll think about it... I'm not yet convinced the value proposition is good, OpenShell + Explorer Patcher has no such limitations + is free.
  3. That does not sound fair I'm one user why should i need to pay as if i would be multiple people. Don't you have any license options for all PC's a single user personally owns with no quantity limitation? Also when I clone the VM and it gets a new MAC address as it needs such that i can use multiple at once, would that void the activation?
  4. but do i than need one Licence for the main PC and one for the VM or can the one for the main PC be also activated on the VM?
  5. I'm not yet a user of startallback, but am considering becoming one, The main hurdle I'm not sure about is how the license is handled, in case of the use in multiple VM's Can I activate the tool on all windows 11 VM's I use or will i run into issues when trying to activate on more than one windows installation? I use various VM's with different Dev Environments for different projects to always keep everything compartmentalized, as sometimes updates break things and its most convenient to have a separate VM for every project and don't have to wary that an update for project A may break projects C and D. Cheers David

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